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WESTNA signed 15-year logging agreement in Maryland

A group under the banner WESTNAF has Signed a 15-year Logging Contract agreement with Karluway District#1 Community Forest Management team in Karloken, Maryland County.

The 15-year logging agreement between the people of Karluway District Community Forest Management body (CFMB) and WESTNAF group of companies was signed on  Saturday, March 11,  2023, in  Karloken school hall Maryland County electoral district#3 and it has brought together Maryland County Superintendent George A. Prowd, Representative from the office of district#3 Representative Isaac Roland Blalu, Senator J. Gbleh-Bo Brown, management of WESTNAF group of Company, Local authorities of Karluway District include youths, women among others.

County official

During the signing ceremony, residents of the district lauded the local authorities including the management of WESTNAF group of companies and provided kola nuts as a way of giving legal rights to WESTNAF Liberia to operate in the district for a period of 15 years.

Ms. Georgia Owen, Manager of the WESTNAF Group of companies thanked local authorities and residents in the area for the deal.

She disclosed that the 15-year logging contract agreement has numerous benefits for Marylanders especially residents of Karluway District.

According to her, the company is to provide 15 Hand Pumps for affected communities within the first (5) five years, Rehabilitate roads from Gbawanken to Gbeaken, Konoso to, Gbalaken, and Wlopluken as well as from Wutuken to Pougbaken. The road connection will also extend between Wutuken to Tayetowayso respectively.

She maintained that the company will pay 2.00 USD per cubic meter of wood and they will provide USD $ 5500 for Human Resource Development funds annually.

Local residents

The company will also provide $ 40.000 for middle management jobs for residents including the construction of a clinic, and the construction of a wood mill or sawmill for job opportunities.

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The WESTNAF General Manager told a team of reporters that her company stance by the agreement and will do all in its power to upgrade the livelihood of residents within Karluway and Maryland County at-large.

Manager Georgia Owen pointed out that they have been working within Maryland County for years and their working relationship with the people of the county has been good including the receptions.

Madam Owen, “Let me say to you people today, we are happy following the signing of this contract because our company will stand by this agreement in doing everything possible to improve the living conditions of residents within Karluway and Maryland County at large,” she lamented.

On Saturday, February 17, 2023, WESTNAF Liberia gathered in Karloken along with residents to sign a similar contract but was rejected by the residents for what they referred to as the need for more understanding of the contract.

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