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Why Tonia, Jebbo, Theo Didn’t Play

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The National Under-23 side that beat Sierra Leone on Sunday missed two of its previous players earlier listed for the 1st leg in Sierra Leone in October.

Midfielder Tonia Tisdell of Turkish premier league side Ankaragucu FC missed the Sunday match because of first choice. The head coach of Lone Star Bertalan Bicskei said Tonia and Patrick Doeplah possess the same traits.

Since Doeplah was already invited, there was no need for Tonia. The Lone Star Coach described Tonia as a fast, good and great player with perfect ball control, “but in this case, I have to make a hard choice to not invite him.”

Tonia also acknowledged the position of the coach, saying “he knows the best for his system. I am happy that Patrick did well and hope to be linked with him and Sekou in our coming matches.”

The Lone Star Coach assured that some adjustments in the team would be mafe due to the increase in the number of youthful talents. He said Doeplah was selected ahead of Tonia because of his international experience, but both [layers will be better together in future encounters.

Egyptian-based Liberian striker William Jebro said:”I am happy for my colleagues providing such a great home result on Sunday. Though the FA made its decision not to invite me, I know it was related to funding.

They diverted my ticket to Sekou Jabateh who was named in my place. He is a great player and I thank him for the goal.

I was informed that our next game will see more youthful foreign players included.” According to Bicskei, Jebro was invited for the first game, but his club turned the invitation down.

“This time, I wanted a possible appearance that is why I brought on Sekou Jabateh, but Jebro is still in the plan for the next game with other foreign players.”

About Theo Weeks, Bicskei said the player was due to arrive in the country last Saturday evening, but his arrival time could not permit him to play on Sunday, because he was not in our training session.

Bicskei said the absence of the three international players was felt, but the two players present linked with the local players to do the job.

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