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Zero tolerance for drugs traffickers

- Cummings

The Standard Bearer of the Collaborating Political Parties (CPP), Mr. Alexander Cummings, has raised serious concerns at the increasing influx of dangerous drugs and warned of ZERO tolerance by a CPP-led government.

Cummings said the illicit trafficking and smuggling and subsequent abuse by young people is of grave concern requiring drastic action to halt the menance.

“We will come after you for what you are doing to our children and to the future of our country,” Cummings said. He gave a stern warning for the criminal behavior to stop, or a Cummings led government will arrest and prosecute every drug trafficker, smuggler, and dealer.

He expressed worry over the increasing havoc, including death, caused by the huge influx and abuse of dangerous drugs by youths, while drugs traffickers and barons    are given government sanctuary and protected against criminal prosecution.

The CPP Standard Bearer made specific reference to the recent mismanagement of the U$100 million cocaine trial, during which state prosecutors conspired against the interest of the state and released the culprits. “For the CDC government to have set the drug traffickers free, is an unforgiving national sin and a disgrace of historic proportion,” Cummings said in his statement on Tuesday.

Cummings said just as they say curse is upon a dog that barks after the rogue has left, so is a curse on the CDC government to declare a state of emergency on drugs after facilitating cocaine traffickers to go free.

He cautioned would be drugs traffickers to desist from this dangerous trade, or there will be no hiding place except in prisons, while assuring drugs addict that help is on the way.

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