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Lord, They Almost Kill Government Bone Oo!

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Dear Father,

So they say it was na easy the other day at the Footballer’s camp ehn?  Tell me something! Yes, oo, Father, they say the Footballer’s children almost broke the Government Bone into pieces. My brother who was on the Footballer’s camp on that day said, it was just by the mercy of the Old Man up there or else by this time that different story we were going to be hearing around here.


What actually happened my son? Huh, Father, you know, it was a day after Government Bone, the Footballer and the Footballer’s new fond friend had met with the Old Lady just before she could go on the ground of the Traditional Council to swear to the village people and the whole fiefdom.

Wait, my son, did you say Government Bone, the Footballer and the Footballer’s new fond friend secretly met with the Old lady just before she could go to the ground of the Traditional Council. Oh, but Father everybody in this village know that one is an open secret.

No, no, my son, you don’t understand, I know it is now an open secret but what push them to do so? Father, the people said they have cried all over the place from our village to the entire fiefdom and nobody could listen to their cries and that in fact, all the people and places they went to, to cry want the Old Lady. So there was no need for them to make themselves continue to look ugly in the eyes of the villagers and other strangers. I see.

Okay, so what happened after the secret meeting with the Old Lady? Yes, after the meeting with the Old Lady Government Bone as a chief spokesperson for the three told the village’s town criers that they were now ready to work with the Old Lady for the sake of the village and that they were prepared to take anything even if it were crumbs falling from the Old Lady’s table and a dish washing job in her kitchen.

Is that the reason why they ran him out of the place like a strayed dog? No Father, the man did not only stop there. He then went to the place where the villagers and strangers who have come to grace the festival had gathered to thank the Old Man up there for ensuring that our village witnessed this peaceful transition.

So, Father, they say when Government Bone saw all those big, big strangers and the foreign town and local town criers, he held his roach coat from the breast and pulled it down a little before clearing his throat and said to the town criers; today, we want to say it here publicly that we have recognized the Old Lady as the true winner of the voting that went on here.

I see….Yes, oo Father that the one made the children angry. They say the man betrayed them because they have  fooled them and made them to look very ugly in the eyes of the other villagers who did not believe in their fantasies and that for three of them to go in the corner with the Old Lady it was not fair to them. And this is why the children wanted to break the Government Bones into pieces to let everything finished one time.

But you see, my son, it sweet for them too. This is the same thing people have been telling them over and over; don’t like yourself be harmed for these people business because they are only looking after their own stomach and not you.

If they like they should bring their children and wives on the street to cause trouble but they couldn’t listen.

Yes, oo, Father, it was the same thing that happened after the other voting time, still they na learn lesson from there yet.

As for me, Father, I na lying, I will not get on the street for anybody and their family enjoyment. Look, the lay thing they got, let see how many of those children who were following them all over the place destroying our poor village will get. Father the truth is not one cent any of them will get.

And that the thing business they never used to sleep to their houses and everyday they were in that open using all kinds of insults.

Now, this is something they should really learn from. The people say first fool na fool and second fool is also not fool because you will want to test the sincerity of the person but third fool is a big and stupid fool. So, let them be there. For some of them who parked their dog chains that they were selling just to come and make noise for people let see whether they will give them something to start from there.

You know Father, it so funny that the people they are dying for are tourist in their own village. The people spend countless number of times in other people villages built decent houses there but the place they say they want to be president, the house sef they are living in is like the two-bed room I am squatting in.

They cried that their people don’t have jobs, but they open businesses in other people villages, that people like that I will die for, God forbid, even my dog in my yard sef can’t run on the road to such a person.

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