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Bility denies receiving US$5m

By: Naneka Hoffman

Speaking on Tuesday, June 6, on Radio Saclepea in Nimba County, Liberty Party/CPP Chairman Musa Hassan Bility denied receiving US$5 million of the $13 million road funds, as alleged by Nimba County Senator Prince Y. Johnson, terming it as false and misleading.

Chairman Bility says he will continue to try not to have any conversation with Senator Johnson, adding that Nimba has gone through a lot and there is no need for that.

While speaking to the Voice of Gompa radio station in Nimba on Monday, June 5, Senator Johnson accused Mr. Bility of receiving US$5 million from the $13 million road funds, threatening to write the Liberian Senate to invite the LP/CPP chairman to answer questions.

But Bility counters that there is a government on the ground he thinks that PYJ and the government are no longer in good book, adding that Senator Johnson is opposed to the government, so he can’t be the one speaking for the government.

However, he adds that hopefully when the government comes out and makes such claim, then they will start from there.

According to him, the reason why all this is coming out is because of the current development he is carrying out in Nimba, nobody is thinking of doing such so it has surprised many people, but it is God that put it in his heart to help his people.

He explains that if helping his fellow citizens is making detractors angry then they should go ahead and do anything.

Bility maintains that he will continue to help his people in Nimba by providing whatever they want but there is no plan to stop despite ploys from detractors.

He says even if Senator Johnson attempts to provoke him, he will not pick a fuss with him, adding that he and Senator Johnson are not in any beef and he is not fighting him, but just want to be left alone to help his people.

Bility, who has expressed his desire to contest for s legislative seat in Nimba, says he remains focused on the work he promised his people, adding that he is working on proving electricity right now, so by next month the whole of Sacelpea, towns and villages in that district will be electrified, which PYJ wants to distract his attention from. 

Both men who hail from Nimba County, are presently on a political divide, with Bility in bed with CPP Standard Bearer Mr. Alexander B. Cummings, while Senator PYJ is with former Vice President Joseph Nyumah Boakai of the Unity Party.

The CPP and the UP are two main opposition parties among dozen others that want to defeat President George Weah in October. Editing by Jonathan Browne

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