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CPP applauds Liberians for showing up on December 17

The Standard Bearer of the Collaborating Political Parties (CPP), Mr. Alexander Cummings, has commended Liberians for their bravery and courage to have turned out en masse for the December 17, “We Tayah Suffering Rally” at the SKD Sports Complex in Monrovia.

Mr. Cummings said the SKD Sports Complex was purposely selected for the “We Taya Suffering Rally” to remind Liberians that it was the same venue President Weah delivered his broken and failed promises of hopes for economic renewal and prosperity.

His statement was contained in his Christmas message delivered Thursday, December 22, at a major press conference held at the CPP Headquarters in Monrovia.

Cummings said the “We Taya Suffering Rally” is a wakeup call to the deplorable economic conditions of the suffering masses, to end impunity and inequality, and for Liberians to work and fix the failings of the CDC government.

He said the rally, which was a resounding success, is also a “call to reclaim the country’s destiny, and the need for Liberians to be more responsible and accountable to each other for the sustainable development of Liberia.

“The old and young, the educated and uneducated, Christians and Muslims, men and women, rural and urban dwellers, came together beyond party and tribe to demand change,” Cummings said, noting that Liberia cannot continue to be the joke of the world.

The CPP Standard Bearer said Liberians cannot also continue to be strangers and beggars and so poor in a country so rich, while its leaders continue to be corrupt and uncaring.

“We must all wake up to the conditions of our fellow citizens. Rich or poor, ordinary citizens or government officials must be seen to be equal before the law, this is what the rally is all about,” the CPP Standard Bearer said.

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He said Liberians cannot continue to live in fear of expressing their dissatisfaction and disappointments, and that ordinary Liberians cannot also continue to be told to sacrifice, while their leaders are wasteful, corrupt, indisciplined and irresponsible.

“We Taya Suffering Rally is a call to honorable public service and not self-service at the expense of the suffering masses, and those who think the rally is a call for a cup of rice are dead wrong,” Cummings said.

He said the rally is about long-term food security, noting that, “We must eat today knowing we can feed ourselves and our families tomorrow.”

Cummings said the rally is not about cutting people’s salaries, rather, it’s about increasing salaries, educating and empowering people, providing better health care service, and creating jobs that will pay living wages.

According to the CPP Standard Bearer, the rally is also about providing loans, and micro-financing for Liberians to own and improve their businesses so that they are no longer spectators in their own economy.

He said the rally is an expression of hope for Liberians to refrain from repeating past mistakes that culminated into massive suffering and extreme poverty.

He said as Liberians celebrate Christmas and transition to the new year and election, “We must continue to believe we can change the tears of suffering into tears of happiness, hopelessness into hopefulness and that privileges of partisanship will no longer undermine rights to citizenship.

“We must believe that we cannot be so blessed by God only to be so cursed by our leaders,” the CPP Standard Bearer said.

Cummings assured that a CPP Government can improve living conditions of all its people, make living in Liberia safe, better, and wonderful, ensuring that its citizens do not think about leaving in search of greener pastures, because he said we too can make Liberia greener pastures for Liberians.

“Our children do not have to go to foreign schools for quality education or foreign hospitals for better health care,” assuring that a CPP Government can make our schools and hospitals better.

Cummings said never should we go backward or govern by nostalgia, noting that Liberians must move to build a new future, “so that our children and their children do not have to be tiyah suffering too,” he said.

He then wished every Liberian a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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