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EFFL reacts to election results

By Lewis S Teh 

The opposition Economic Freedom Fighters of Liberia (EFFL) says the electoral process in Liberia is the bedrock of the nation’s governance, so it is imperative that the voices and choices of the people are honored and protected.

“We are demanding that the National Elections Commission strives to uphold the core principles of democracy and to respect the collective will of the Liberian people during this crucial election”, EFFL commander-in-chief Emmanuel Gonquoi, said in a news conference on Friday, 13 October at the party headquarters in Congo Town,

He underscores that the citizens of Liberia have exercised their fundamental right to vote and to participate in the democratic process with hope and trust in the integrity of the electoral system. 

“We have witnessed an impressive turnout, indicating a strong desire for a transparent and fair election that truly represents the will of the people”, notes.

He says the NEC as custodian of the electoral process, should ensure impartial transparent, and timely reporting of the election results.

The board of commissioners of the NEC is announcing progressive results from precincts and polling places across the fifteen counties.

But reacting to results being released by the NEC, Gonquoi underscores, “respecting the will of the citizens is not merely a duty but a fundamental obligation that must be carried out with utmost transparency, integrity, and fairness.”

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 He says while EFFL relies on NEC to announce results that reflect the decision of the people of Liberia on October 10, 2023, at the polls, citizens have shown that they believe their votes will be respected and that they have faith in the democratic system, so it is essential that their decisions be respected, free of manipulation or interference.

He narrates that as a party that fully participated in the election and has obtained tally sheets from all of their poll watchers, they are aware of an overwhelming first-round victory for Ambassador Joseph Nyumah Boakai and the Unity Party.

“No segment of the ruling establishment should coerce the NEC to thwart the will and desire of our people”, he reiterates, adding that the people have endured untold suffering for the past six years, for which they chose the October 10 elections as the best way to make President George Weah a one-term President.

The tough-talking EFFL commander-in-chief, who’s a strong critic of incumbent President Weah, says the October 10th election is of great significance to Liberia, so they are appealing to international organizations to continue to play a vital role as an impartial and vigilant watchdog during the vote counting process, saying that the integrity of the process is paramount to ensuring a fair and transparent election. Editing by Jonathan Browne

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