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Ex-Finance Minister descends on Liberian politician

- Says self-interest above citizens well-being

By Lincoln G. Peters

Former Finance Minister M. Nathaniel Barnes says the current political space is flooded and dominated by politicians and political institutions that are more focused on their personal agenda instead of the well-being of the people.

In a statement issued Monday, May 22, 2023, titled: “An Appeal to the So-Called Leaders/Politicians of Liberia and a Dire Warning to the People of Liberia, Amb. Barnes urged Liberians to be mindful as to who they elect during the October 10 presidential and legislative elections.

Accordingly, he also appealed to political parties and their leaders to consider an agenda that is dominated by the well-being of the people of Liberia rather than their selfish personal and institutional desires.

He observed that the current political space is influenced by politicians whose political agendas are controlled by greed and selfishness, urging Liberians to test the spirit.

“When one looks at the conversation and political dynamics of today’s Liberia, it becomes quite obvious that they are clearly dominated by the institutional and personal agendas of the various political parties and personalities as opposed to the crucial wellbeing of the people of Liberia.  How does animosity between Vice President Jewel Howard Taylor and Senator Prince Johnson address the issues of injustice, marginalization and poverty experienced by the people of Liberia” Mr. Barnes wonders.

“How do personal differences between former Vice President Joseph Boakai and Presidential Candidate Alexander Cummings address the dire consequences of unemployment, poor health care delivery systems, and an appalling educational system? He questioned.

The former Finance Minister pondered, how President George M. Weah’s refusal to address the issues of massive corruption, injustice and the absence of effective law enforcement while focusing on his own political agenda bring relief to the masses of the country.

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It is obvious that the political dynamics have denigrated to a point where the well-being and interests of the people are nowhere on the radar screen of those seeking to be elected.  It is high time that the leaders of political institutions regroup and review or overhaul their strategy for electability and effective leadership” Mr. Barnes urged.

He asserted that the current approach of personalizing the issues can only escalate to violence that no Liberian wishes to re-witness.

He further observed that every leader of political institutions and a vast majority of their members and constituents have been impacted by Liberia’s violent history, be it as a perpetrator or supporter of the violence or as a victim.

“Any Liberian who loves Mama Liberia would instinctively step away from this particular path. We desperately appeal to all political institutions and their leaders to consider an agenda that is dominated by the wellbeing of the people of Liberia rather than their selfish personal and institutional desires” Mr. Barnes urged.

Speaking to the consciousness of Liberia, the Ex-Finance Minister appealed to Liberians to consider the many recent events described on social media and personally experienced by some of them as “Red Flags.” 

“They are indicators that we are, once again, headed in a seriously wrong direction comprising a breakdown of civility, respect for law and human dignity and potential violence.  Be aware, People of Liberia, of these Red Flags! Do not underestimate the POWER that you have to change the direction in which we are being swept; and strive to take your DESTINY in your hands.  You alone can prevent another catastrophe that will thwart our reaching our God-given potential” he concluded.

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