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Grand Gedeh caucus to boycott 26 celebrations

By Lincoln G. Peters

Grand Gedeh County Legislative Caucus has announced a total boycott of all activities connected to Liberia’s 175th Independent Day celebration.

The caucus told a press conference on Saturday, 24 July 2022 that its planned boycott is due to the government’s alleged failure to conduct a full-scale investigation into the mysterious disappearance in May this year of Mr. Alfred Tailey Dunner.

Mr. Dunner was working as National Elections Commission (NEC’s) County Logistic Officer for Grand Gedeh when he reportedly went missing. His whereabouts remain unknown.

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The Grand Gedeh County legislative caucus accused the Government of Liberia through the Ministry of Justice of intentionally sweeping the alleged mysterious disappearance of Mr. Dunn under the carpet.

The press conference was graced by Senator Marshall A. Dennis, Representative George S. Boley and Representative Eros Madison Gwion.

Reading the press statement, Grand Gedeh County Electoral District #1 Representative Eros Madison Gwion said the caucus is boycotting all events for this year’s Independence Day celebration because Grand Gedeh is enduring grief.

“The county as a people, is saddened at the mysterious disappearance of one of its promising sons, Mr. Alfred T. Dunner,” said Rep. Gwion.

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He also stated that several other alleged secret killings and mysterious deaths were a reason for the caucus’ decision.

According to him, the caucus has called the attention of the government, but it has allegedly refused to address the matters. 

He further indicated that they continue to be very concerned about the mysterious disappearance of Mr. Dunner because it’s been more than two months since the incident.

Rep. Gwion noted that the caucus still does not know the whereabouts of Mr. Dunner, and it does not know what has happened to him.

He alleged that the government has refused to communicate with the caucus.

In early May of this Year, Rep. Gwion noted, Liberia and the world woke up to the extremely sad news of the mysterious disappearance of Mr. Dunner.

He added that Mr. Dunner got missing from a nearby town where he had been taken to seek herbal treatment.

Gwion explained that in the wake of Dunner’s disappearance, tension mounted in the county.

He said Dunner’s kinsmen got furious over the situation and demanded answers, but they are yet to get any. –Edited by Winston W. Parley

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