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I’ve made the largest contributions


“I have the longest list and given the most assistance and contributions to individuals and institutions, more than any politician and humanitarian groups in Liberia, says Mr. Alexander Cummings.

Mr. Cummings who is Standard Bearer of the Collaborating Political Parties (CPP), made the assertion in response to question as to his contributions in Liberia, prior to his quest for the Presidency.

Cummings credited himself as the largest private contributor made from his personal resources to individuals as well as health and educational institutions more than even President George Weah.

Cummings is the Founder of the Cummings Africa Foundation. Besides providing educational assistance and scholarships for hundreds of needy students, the Cummings Africa Foundation (CAF) since its establishment has also implemented more than 22 quick impact projects with 25 implementing partners, which benefited over 30,000 Liberians.

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Cummings is said to have also made substantial financial contributions, as well as donated generators and set up modern computers laboratories at the University of Liberia Fendel campus, the Booker Washington Institute (BWI), the Tubman University in Harper, Maryland County, the Nimba County Community College (NCCC), the Grand Bassa County Community College and the Annur Islamic University in Liberia.

Other learning institutions that have benefited from Cummings educational assistance program include the Gbalatua High School in Bong County, the St. Clements University and the College of West Africa (CWA).

Cummings also made substantial financial contributions towards the construction of the Bolongoidu Mosque in Lofa County and constructed a bridge that connects Big Town to Tubman University in Harper, Maryland County.

He said these kind humanitarian gestures were made in anticipation of no specific interest or returns, rather than to share with Liberians, his bountiful blessings by God.

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Cummings, former Chief Executive Officer of Coca-Cola Africa, was conferred the Distinction of Knight Great Band–Humane Order of African Redemption by Liberia’s former President, Madam Ellen Johnson Sirleaf for his enormous humanitarian support to Liberia, especially during the Ebola outbreak.

The CPP Standard Bearer was invited Friday, May 19, at the Oldroad Center for Intellectual Discourse to expand on his vision and plan for Liberia, as one of the leading Presidential contenders in the pending October 10, 2023, general elections.

Cummings said Liberia with a small population, deserves better, considering the abundance of natural resources and wealth God has bestowed on this country.

He assured Liberians, whether from the CDC, Unity Party, or any other political party, that irrespective of status and creed all Liberians will have equal rights and access to jobs and opportunities just as CPP partisans.

Responding to question as to how, a Cummings leadership would grow the economy to raise the National budget to one billion USD, as reported, he named several sectors with great potential to not only increase revenue but also create massive employment opportunities for Liberians.

He named forestry, Eco-Tourism, Tourism and which when developed and effectively administer can increase revenue generation and create jobs and opportunities for thousands of Liberians with basic minimum skills.

Cummings said curbing the massive exploitation of the country’s resources and with zero tolerance for corruption will ensure the availability of funds to give out as loans to Liberian businesses aimed at developing a strong private sector.

The CPP Standard Bearer said his experience working in parts of Africa and Europe with strong economies, makes their citizens no smarter than Liberians in achieving economic prosperity.

He said with hard work, and sacrifice, backed by effective and efficient management of the country’s vast wealth by competent and qualified leadership, Liberians will enjoy economic prosperity and live better life.

Cummings assured Liberians that he has the capacity and professional competence and qualifications to resuscitate the ailing economy and lift the vast majority of Liberians out of poverty.

Cummings engagement at the Oldroad Center for Intellectual Discourse was attended by several youth and women groups including the Destiny Women Association of Oldroad, the Muslim Association, and the Royal Sisters for Cummings, along with hundreds of students and residents of the area.

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  1. Any contributions after declaration of intention for the presidency, and using such contributions as a reason for us to vote for you is equivalent to prepayments for vote, as a businessman you may say investment. What did you do for Liberia before then or is your love for us because you want to be president, conditional love?

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