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Letter To God: Lord, our village is very quiet!

By Othello B. Garblah

Dear Father:

Chey, our village has been too quiet for the last two days mehn, I wonder wah happening. I hope da na dis election bisnay oo. Becos the one I hearing sef, it na easy.

Wah you hearing my son?

Father, da the flogging they flogging the people from our Traditional Council ay. I heard the place it na reach, plenty of our chiefs from the lower end of the Traditional Council will na go back oo.

I see why you say the whole place is quiet.

Father bor da small thing, the news coming from the voting house sef it na for fun. The thing na make the whole village look leh people are mourning. All the noise we have been hearing over the last two months have all died down.

You joking!

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Father, da na small thin happening here oo. The way the numbers coming from the Voting House sef, it enough to give people pressure oo. Maybe da all making the place quiet.

Hmm, our people too ya. We can always say our village girl them wicked. We say they leh to chop man money free. Bor, the way I see this election result coming, it look leh da spirit is in our village DNA oo.

You say whatin?

Yes, Father, the way people were all over the place everyday endorsing people here and there, it was all “PHOLO” jus to chop money. Jus tell the person, I na leh you, carry your money. Bor for you to lie with you teeth jus to take the person money-ay mehn!

We heard they na take some people to the Human Being Garage and they are there taking drips already. You mon go see drip hanging again.

For what na my son?

Um Father, you know how some people put plenty money inside this election thing na. So, to hear the way the result going, it enough to give people stroke.

Hmm, they mon na be leh the Rooster Man in 2005 oo. You remember how they had to rush da poor man to Catholic Hospital on drip. The Brabee was too sure he wor going to win the election. Da small money da Brabee spent? Not knowing, the people were jus giving him vlah.

Bor my son ooh, da these people they will put their trust in? They na hear the Good Old Book say don’t put yor trust in man.

You geh so, so, hungry man them running around here, they will tell you anything jus to geh yor money.

Bor, really they na fair mehn. The whole result sef na correct. I mean it jus geh our entire village quiet everybody geh radio to him ear jus leh we have gone back to 1990-if you know you know.

Anyway, leh keep listening, maybe we will soon start hearing party noise again.

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