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Letter To God: Lord, fire in Soweto oo!       

By Othello B. Garblah

Dear Father,

Hmm, it na easy, fire in Soweto. Confusion don dey camp. Our village pepo na throw sand in the gari. Hayaka, Uncle Sam mon do som again?

My son da watin you talking so?

Father, you na hear de thin Uncle Sam na do in our village. Three big, big pepo in our village are in trouble. Uncle Sam say de pepo hands in the cookies jar too much. They say, they na giving de village pepo chance to eat small sef.

You say watin?

Oh, Father, da fire coming from my mouth? Da na small thin going on in our village right, right na. Every monkey gat him tale between he legs right na.

And de thin is, Uncle Sam say he still geh plenty names to call and you know na, nobody wan be in bad book with Uncle Sam.

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Ehn you know, wen Uncle Sam marked you, Cain trouble sef tell lie, becos all yor friend them will be scare na to come round you- Ay na easy.

Bor my son watin de pepo do?

Father, Uncle Sam say de pepo them wor stealing our village pepo money too much. He say de pepo owner stealing sef no fear inside.

Bor wait oo, da only de three pepo Uncle Sam see, wa abot de orlor pepo who doing all de bad, bad thin them too.

Ah bor ehn da de thin I telling you Father. Uncle Sam say he gat 30 pepo, da jus de first three pepo name he call. They say som pepo name coming soon.

Hmm, dis one na wahala oo.

Yes oo, Father. De thin na make all de big, big pepo in our village to be looking over their shoulders na. They na start thinking abot all de bad, bad deal them they can cut.

So da watin Country Giant say na, ehn da him right hand man?

Father, da watin de man will say. Uncle Sam say he judge de pepo guilty already, nathin there to talk again. Listen, Uncle Sam even say anybody doing bisnay with de pepo will be marked too.

Aah mehn, de orlor man wor good oo.

Hmm, Father, they say de man used to take de village money and be giving it to pepo. So he say he na do bad thin.

Bor my son da true?

Aah, de man wor de don dada. Da him be de Country Giant right hand man, so everythin wor passing through him.

Bor you na hear de news, they say some pepo in de Country Giant camp happy.

Aah bor Father, you know na, som pepo are more than happy. In fact, it lee with them sef, de three man them should be behind bar na, na, na.

You know, my old man used to tell me say, I mon be scalor de pepo who can wear ley dark, dark shade them. He say you can only see them smiling but you can’t see de thin their eyeball can be lookin at.

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