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Letter to God: Lord, is it true da de Footballer ask for 200k just to rent car?

Dear Father:

Huh, dis orlor gees here it full my mouth oo. Is it true da the Footballer asked for 200k of Uncle Sam’s money to just to rent car in Uncle Sam’s Cousin’s village?

Da news ooh, bor da true? I heard one insider crying all over de place ooh. Huh, dis one da na small gallah ooh.

My son you say whatin na happen again?

Huh, Father, they say the Footballer tell him people he wan 200k jus to rent one car in those Obroni village for two days ooh.

You say whatin?

Father, dis one da na benny seed popping from my mouth ooh. They say de people fini doing de paperwork for de money and our Big Brabee will soon be leaving to go for some kinda program in Obroni village.

Hmm, so you mean all da plenty money da jus for renting one car? Wait ooh, de car get gold on it, or diamond scattered all over it? De thin sef na full my mouth.

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Bor wait ooh, dis 200k here ehn dey geh perdiem and all kinda small, small thin insah it?

I beg you yah Father, they say it na insah oo da jus for de car one ooh-chey!

Anyway, we insah propro.

So, dey say what da orlor Palestinian man say he wor doing de orlor day?

Oh, Father, you na heard, dey say conned man say he wor holding some kinda dry face march for all de people in de orlor side to come together oo.

You say whatin? He better go and find himself a place to go sit down. He think da Palestine her ehn?

Those people dem look leh people who wan come together. Da na so, so scam dey on there whole day. All lor your geh one man to fight bor instead of yor putting all yor energy whole day yor sit down there pulling each other apart nonsense!

Wait, ehn we here. De good news is da dis our village here de people know how to rub thins in people face. Our old people say de child who can’t hear will suffer.

Bor Father, you, yor self too ya, wah do you expect from greedy people? Wen you na wan share da wah can happen; you can lose everything.

The one I can’t understand sef da de cussing each orlor dey can be doing. Yor na enemy. All lor yor wan remove one man bor yor can’t even stand each olor in de face. SO, who will support who na?

No wonder, everyday somebody jumping ship. Bor how de people will na be jumping ship and the side they belong to de only thin dey know is to be fighting each orlor. If dey na in the Palaver Hut today, tomorrow dey to de voting house, Da how yor will be?

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