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Letter to God: Lord, what was dis woman thinking?

Dear Father:

You know, de Bassa pepo geh a parable. They say if you wan to know more about yourself, just go ahead and cause trouble. All de thin them you na know about yourself, that wah pepo will put outside for you and da wah happening to our village oldma- de Ray Hay Man old wife.

I wonder wah wor she thinking?  She think da our village still fighting war leh during de time of her old husband where they used to use gronna boys to harass orlor pepo. You already geh plenty story behind you then you go pick fuss?

Hmm, da who you talking about again my son?

Oh Father, you na hear how our village Oldma, da old rebel man wife sent some gronna boy them to da Old Sojar Man Church de orlor day to cause trouble?

Tell me something!

Oh Father, dis one da na vlah oo. De woman sent her boys there to cause trouble da day. Imagine de pepo in church. She na geh no respect for God.

Looka aye, her story fini long leh da, for her to sit down and enjoy de free ride she on, then she wan come play dirty.

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I wonder wah thin she wan prove?

Farther, da de thin sef everybody thinkin on. And I don’t know whether she na forget de story about de man she wen to pick fuss on?

They say de lion sleeping, then you go wake it up. Da na trouble you wan bring in our village? Watin you wan prove sef?

The children den you behind, they know how to play their dirt. They na even need you in de picture to do it for them. Bor you wan show yor sef forgethin da yor story long leh Arab money.

Na, imagine, da man who already wounded leh da looking leh one town boom, da de one you go look for? See how everybody putting mouth on you.

Ehn you say you racing car, why you can’t go do yor racing somewhere. Bor da to hire gronna children and give them opium to smoke and go cause trouble da wah you na reduce yorsef to-shameless woman!

De old sojar man already na turned to goworment bone-they kicking him here left and right, da one na alright bor you mon put yor name inside too-aye mehn! Da how dis thirst for power na make yor brain turned crazy da you can’t even think straight again?

De man own village pepo already vex with him. They say na their godfather again. They even plaining to make him shame to refuse de sleepy Papy he pushing on them. Da one na enough? Must you bring yorsef inside jus to spoil our village peace? Looka you there.

Leh me tell you if you don’t know, we na running from our village again ooh. For you, you used to war, becus da war make you popular. For us we tire, our village already spoiled in you and yor husband hand. We beg you, don’t look for way to spoil it for us again. Lee de children with their thin, and just enjoy yor free ride becus nobody know wah thin you wor thinkin to send gronna children to God us. I pray God na punish you-shameless oldma.

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