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LISGIS results challenged

-Completely erroneous and institutionally unethical, says former employee

By Lincoln G. Peters

A former employee of the Liberia Institute for Statistics and Geo-Information Services (LISGIS) Mr. Alex Williams has described the provisional result of the 2022 national housing and population census as completely erroneous, institutionally unethical, inadequate, and lacking basic scientific statistics test.

Mr. Williams said that the primary source for LISGIS population growth is coming from the United Nations, which he termed as completely erroneous.

Appearing on the Spoon FM mid-night conversation over the weekend, Mr. Williams explained that 2022 Census provisional results are those numbers that the National Statistics office presented to international organizations because they are required to report on an annual or semi-annual basis those numbers to the United Nations.

He said by reporting such data Liberia has become a laughing stock to both local and international bodies because the census that was conducted ethically and professionally is erroneous.

” I read the release from LISGIS and even listen to LISGIS’s acting boss talking about the provisional result indicating 97% coverage of the population. I was like sitting and wondering what are they saying. That is scientifically erroneous and institutionally unethical” he explained.

Mr. Williams disclosed that if LISGIS insists that there is 97% coverage of the population as indicated in their release, they are doing a comparative analysis of the country’s population.

” The reason why LISGIS is using that as a reliance to say that the population is 5.2 million is because professionally if you want to be lazy, you want to get the number that is closely related to other international organization projection.

But what they need to understand is that the fundamentals source that they are using is the United Nations and the UN relies on the National Statistics Office, for data” Mr. Williams noted.

He further explained that those numbers that are reported to the United Nations through LISGIS is what they are going to use to do a projection and on the basis of those projections, they are going to neutralize them to project the country’s population.

“The fundamental source of those data is coming from LISGIS themselves. I already have a problem with the UN and if you go to those websites, you will see that the primary source for those data populations is coming from the UN. And the UN is taking these data from LISGIS” he alleged.

Mr. Williams said that if you are relying on those data to do a comparative analysis of Liberia’s population because this is what other international organizations are saying then that is erroneous because they did no groundwork survey.

He said that no international organization is clothed with the authority to do grounds work survey, rather they will rely on the National Statistics Office to validate whatever survey and data that is coming for official use.

” Because Liberia has this issue of not having quality and sufficient data, for example, if we were to project the population of our country, we need birth records, death, immigration and migration variables. In Liberia, the entire civil and vital registration system is fragile” Mr. Williams lamented.

He noted that the Immigration will tell you if you asked them that there are over 144 border points and so people are moving in and around Liberia without sufficient migration data.

Therefore, he maintained that it will be very erroneous for LISGIS to project the variables of the country only based on birth and death.

” Birth and death records in Liberia- there are people still giving birth outside of the clinics and hospitals and they have not been recorded. Many people don’t even report death or have death certificates. And so, you can’t rely on this number that is inadequate and lack basic scientific statistics test”, he added.

He pointed out that these are the numbers that the LISGIS are running and boasting with.

He said that the census results are very far from reality.

” Let me tell you, the public trust is very important and so if they can conduct a Census and Liberians are challenging the report this undermines trust,” he explained.

He said that in Statistics when a small N appears, it represents symbols while a big M will represent the population.

According to him, based on the graph that the LISGIS released as an amazer of numbers and population it’s indicated that what they have done is a survey because only survey takes symbols.

He said that census doesn’t take symbol because it’s deals with the total count of the population.

” I just don’t know how this was presented but I just thought this is necessary to highlights.

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