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Letter to God: Lord, LIB 2023 election da real action movie drama ooh

Dear Father;

I say dis orlor LIB 2023 election here wen you hear de ticket them name sef, you will forget da election and think da some kinda action show ooh. Names leh Rescue 1&2, Fixer 1&2, awaa. Then we geh, de Broom man, de Sweeper. De man mon go sweep de big Courtyard again!

You say watin?

Oh, Father, de thin I tellin you da na fun ooh. De pepo ticket them name sef can geh you so excited da you wan de election to come quick, quick.

Bor, wah de meanin for all dis one na?

Oh, Father de pepo say our highly forested village na get in some wrong hands and de pepo from de different, different group them say they comin to retake de village from de Country Giant and him pekin them. You wan come see de Country Giant and him owner pepo planning again? Da Fire!

So, da who be Rescue 1 & 2 na?

Ehn you remember da old pappy who used to be with de Iron Lady, de one who say he wor a racing car parked in de garage?

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Yes, my son.

Da him. He na geh one new engine. Da Old Sojar man who de pepo can be making scarry with war crime court na gav him son to him to be de Rescue 2.

I wonder who him son aye?

Oh, Father you na remember da Yanna Boy, who used to be passing around here. Ay mehn, he chopped Paramount Chief job de orlor time and he one of de big chiefs at de Traditional Council na.

You mean da him comin to drive de parked racing car?

No, Father, he and de oldman da Rescue 1 and 2 and de Old Sojar man na gav him blessing to them so da him country pepo can join them too.

See me see trouble, da na easy rescue mission ooh. De Old Sojar man who wor with de Country Giant and him pekin them just de orlor day na turned to rescue vehicle too? Dis sound leh war show for true ya.

Father, ehn da de Old Sojar man, him on revenge mission plus recue-it na for fun!

So, tell me, I heard you say they geh one orlor ticket called Fixer 1 and 2, da one da crime movie or romance?

Father, da de orlor ticket. Right na da only de Taxi Driver one on da ticket. Ehn you know da brabee who used to sell Coca-Cola from Uncle Sam’s Village da him. He say him wan fix our village becus Country Giant and him pepo fini spoiling it with bad, bad thin them.

You joking!

Father dis thin da na joking matter ooh. De man right, right na he in de Old Sojar back yard having big meetin with him pepo to choose him number two to be Fixer 2. De thin da happenin here you think da fun.

Ehn hen, so tell me abot de Broom man, who him carrying too?

Umm, Father, we na hear nathin about him number two yet oo. Maybe he still lookin around with him broom. Bor de way nobody feel leh sweeping right na, da de one I am thinkin on.

So, all de noise da goin on wah thin de Country Giant and him pekin them doin?

Ooh Father, da small thing Country Giant and him pepo doin? Right na they na scattered barracks all over de village. You know wathin it mean for you to take somethin weh you enjoyin for pepo to say giv it back? It na small thin.

You know da de Country Giant and him pekin them even throw bomb in de pepo camp da wah make scattered them all over de place.

Tell me something!

Father, da na small thin ooh. Da small bomb Country Giant and him pepo throw in de orlor pepo camp; de one Uncle Sam threw in da Japan Village sef small. Till date, de pepo can’t see eye to eye.

Anyway, we here; we waiting for de show to start. I tiyah yah.

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