Special Feature

Lone Star’s Bestman and others- Where are They?

When Liberia’s national team, the Lone Star is preparing to play a match, or is playing a match, there are few in society who remains edgy until that game ends. And the outcome of the game determines how the day will end- good or bad for a few old players. Among the few I have had the opportunity to “meet and greet” is one of Liberia’s once herald goalie, Pewee Bestman.

Pewee Bestman started his sporting career with Fulani in 1984.  He then played for Lone Star for several years. But today, Pewee Bestman is yet to have even a “chat” with the current Lone Star players, even though he still loves the game and would like to transfer his skills to the game. Pewee is in Monrovia, and we hear about George Weah, James Salinsa Deebah and a few others. But can Liberia benefit from Pewee and the old hands? Or do we just forget them?

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