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Looking Inside From Outside – Liberian Presidency: Pt. I

Truly indeed, the Liberian Presidency is the highest office in the Country-one that is characterized by all of the glamour and dignities.

It is actually the nucleus of the entire government, despite being the second branch take it or leave it, whether you like it or not, that Office controls just everything, mainly the CASH which makes the other branches of government to function.

But mind you, there is something about that presidency that at times, we need to be very blunt with. It is characterized by the inter-play of various forces-the forces of evil and the forces of good.

Practically speaking, you know and I know, the President is always surrounded by lieutenants and confidants, who compete for recognition and favor from the President, and power/authority over the others.

Those lieutenants and confidants who really believe in power of God are actually most often over-powered by those who believe in charms, talisman and the rest of it; in other words, those with demonic powers.

But mind you, their powers are never greater than God’s power, that’s why they do not last longer and sometimes end up in disgrace, not only upon themselves, but their children.

Do you see it very glaring in this Liberian Presidency?

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Uhm………. Maybe, Probably

Again, the way things are going, it creates a situation for one to believe that something of such nature is actually happening in this Liberian Presidency.

If one follows the President’s behavior, actions and utterances, he or she would conclude that “God and devil” are competing and sometimes, God allows the devil’s will to prevail to test the resolve of those profess to be in the things of God, but are “under the water.”

The fact of the matter is that they play on the weakness of Madam President many a time, so much so that her ability to take certain decisions in the interest of the nation is suppressed.

Don’t you have eyes to see or minds to observe?

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