Lord, why people in my village always do this?

Dear Father:

You know, there is a lot going on in my village of late. I mean too many plenty things going on. I telling you mehn, Da na one day you will wake up from your bed and na hear noise. And da not just ordinary noise oo. They just there putting each other secrets outside calling each other all kina names as if they will never speak to each other again.

You want to tell me yor never had any good times, that you can remember to just go yor way and leave the orlor person if you think you na need them again.

Bor my son da politics na-you na know these people yeh?

No Father, da orlor politics there it too personal oo. No wonder this small village is like this. You look in your friend eyebolt-somebody who helped you when you were nothin then you say that politics bisnay you will call the person rogue, rogue and all kina names. Da just being ungrateful mehn.

And come to think of it Father, if you knew de man da rogue, and you took some of his booty-then you too, you who na? So what are you telling de orlor people dem that see you as somebody who get “integrity?”

Bor my son oo, where you ever see a hustler get integrity? The people can only make sweet mouth to get what they want and go by their own bisnay.

So wait oo, all the dirty clothes they washing on our village street na, da who will take them serious na? What make them think when we give them our village they will not be fighting among themselves every day for power?

Eh ehn, talking about people fighting among themselves for power, have you heard this orlor gees my Father? They say it was na easy the orlor day in front the Footballer oo. They say his strikers took it to the street right in front of him.

You say whatin?

Father, this orlor gees too heavy for my mouth. They say they didn’t play there. They say they were calling each orlor all kinds of names-bag boy, medicine man and killer and all of that.

Bor my son then da na small trouble yor in there so. So wait oo, it look like somebody was crossing the line ehn?

Hmm, they say that small man who to the Alien them place there na want to respect himself. They say the man getting too close to the Footballer and the other two main man them na like the idea.

Bor de thing da confusing me sef is how it started?

Father, you know plenty thing happening in this our village here at the same time na. And like our people always say-talk can bring talk. So you will never know that some kina talk na bring out all that anger there and they were just spilling their stomach out.

Um, they moh just take time with our lay village before they set it on fire for us-because the way things looking na, it is like all the grass under it dry and any little cigarette butt that will fall down on it, will destroy the entire village and we na ready for any of that.

This thin call power and money, our old people came they enjoyed it and left us with so, so old, old building in our village-making it more like a big slum already with no money to repair it.

They better take time so we can manage it and leave it with our owner children in a more peaceful way than to send it back another 1000 years like our forefathers did to us and we can see anything to show for our age.


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