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MRU SG Dies In Car Crash

The Information Office of the Ministry of Planning and Economic Affairs has received confirmed reports that the Secretary General of the Mano River Union is dead.

The diplomat and executive secretary of the regional organization, El-hadj Habib Diallo, 65, was killed in a tragic car accident in Sierra Leone along with two other people, his family.

According to reports, Secretary Thierno Habib Diallo, died the morning of Saturday, July 2, 2011 following a traffic accident in Kambia, a town a few miles from Pamelap on the border between Guinea and Sierra Leone.

Diallo, a former ambassador and secretary general to Guinea’s foreign minister has held his post at the Mano River Union, a sub-regional economic grouping of Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia, since May 2010. He replaced Bouré Abraham, who resigned in order to stand for presidential elections.

He attended the just ended international dialogue on peacebuilding and statebuilding in Monrovia. The driver of the vehicle was seriously injured. Diallo leaves behind two wives and six children.

Prior to becoming the SG for the MRU, Elhadj Thierno Habib Diallo, served as Minister (international cooperation, energy and hydraulic), Ambassador of Guinea in Canada under the Lansana Conte administration, a member of the National Transitional Council (CNT) and the representative of Guinea at MRU.

Among other high offices, El Hadj Habib Diallo Thierno was Ambassador of Guinea in Canada, Liberia. After the outbreak of war in Liberia, Diallo was appointed political adviser to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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