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Nimba backs Whapoe presidential bid

By Lincoln G. Peters 

Residents of Nimba County including elders have marched through Ganta City’s principal street in jubilation, committing to support Dr. Jeremiah Z. Whapoe’s presidential bid this October.

During a parade through Ganta, they chanted: ‘Nimba [is] ready to produce [a] president; We are tired of suffering; and Dr. Whapoe will be the one to change Liberia for us,’ among others.

Whapoe, a son of Nimba County, is aspiring for the Liberian presidency for the second time after failing in his first bid in 2017 against incumbent President George Manneh Weah and other major contenders.

Upon the arrival of the Vision for Liberia Transformation Party (VOLT) political leader and his entourage over the weekend, Ganta was a center of attraction and excitement.

Dr. Whapoe was received at the checkpoint between Nimba County and Bong County Friday, 24 March 2023 by women, youth, students, elder council, and traditional dancers.

At the checkpoint, Dr. Whapoe was presented with a white chicken, locally grown rice (country rice), cola nuts, and a white chuck as a symbol of love, affection, and welcome. 

An indoor program was held later at the Ganta United Methodist School. Reading a petition on behalf of Dr. Whapoe’s supporters, Mr. Jenkins Duo said they were resolved in Nimba County to support the VOLT political leader’s presidential bid.

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“Today is a historic day in Liberia and that of Nimba County for VOLT to have a petition statement today in Ganta City, Nimba County,” he said. 

“A new day has come in Nimba District #1. God has heard the voice of the suffering masses of Liberia to deliver us. And that deliverance will be done by our son Dr. Whapoe,” he continued.

He stated that they petitioned Dr. Whapoe to contest because Nimba deserves the presidency.

According to him, their petition is a fulfillment of Exodus 3:7 when God said that he has surely seen the oppression and suffering of his people in Egypt and has heard their cries because of their slave master. 

Mr. Duo told Dr. Whapoe that they are tired of complaining about their leaders seeking their interests and forgetting the citizens.

Dr. Whapoe receiving petition

He also noted that their leaders don’t see themselves as accountable to those that elected them.

“You are the man who can deliver Liberia as you did times back. Liberia is at a crossroads. You have the charge to appear before our Pharaoh of Liberia to deliver us,” Mr. Duo continued. 

He alleged that they are in modern slavery in Liberia, and they believe that Dr. Whapoe will take Liberia from poverty to a nation that will feed itself. 

“We are tired of suffering. The pain, poverty, suffering, and hardship are many. We have nothing to boast of in our own country. We will stand with you and by you until we achieve this together,” he concluded.

Remarking on behalf of the Traditional Council of Buu-Yao, Chairman Moses Vah said as elders of Buu-Yao, they were excited to form a part of the petitioning process. 

According to him, they are prepared to make their president, and that person will be Dr. Whapoe because he served humanity, and loves the country.

“Dr. Whapoe, we will make you president. We are prepared and ready. We have the number. You are a man with a good heart,” Elder Vah said.

“We have many sons who are expressing interest, but you are the only person we see and know who loves us and so that’s why we call you today to petition you. We are with you and we will make this work together,” said Elder Vah.

Responding to the petition, Dr. Whapoe said he was excited that Nimba has resolved to make the next President of Liberia instead of giving their support and vote to people who don’t care about them.

“I am excited to be heard today. I have heard your concerns and accepted your petition,. As you have instructed and petitioned me, I will be contesting for the presidency of Liberia to transform this country, defeat poverty and strengthen agriculture and human capacity across the country,” said Dr. Whapoe.

According to him, the President that Nimba County is producing is an elephant that the whole world will come and see and respect because he is a vision of a new Liberia.

Explaining his vision, Dr. Whapoe indicated that he will transform Liberia through agriculture, and human capacity development. He believes that these are the only tools for defeating poverty and hunger across the country.

“Our dreams and goals are achievable. We are not disclosing plans that we can’t implement. This confidence and trust you have given me today will open the door to true liberation, opportunity, and inclusivity,” he noted. 

“We have the population and so it’s time that we produce our own President. And so, I am excited that you have seen the light and we all will work to achieve that,” he concluded.

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