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Police assure security for December 17 Rally

By Lincoln G. Peters  

Opposition rally organizers against alleged hardship in Liberia and police authorities have held a joint press conference committing to peaceful conduct during the assembly due 17 December 2022.

The joint press conference was held at the Liberia National Police (LNP) headquarters in Monrovia Thursday, 15 December.

The opposition Alternative National Congress (ANC)/Collaborating Political Parties (CPP) of presidential hopeful Alexander B. Cummings is the planner of the rally.

Rally partakers will assemble outside the Samuel Kanyon Doe Sports Complex in Panyesville.

The LNP and the rally organizers pledged during the press conference to provide a corridor of protection for the CPP and all Liberians.

The joint press conference was graced by top supporters of Cummings’ presidential bid Amb. Lewis G. Brown, Dr. Toga Mclntosh, CPP official Martin Kollah, and Police Inspector General Col. Patrick T. Sudue.

During the press conference, Col. Sudue urged the rally organizers to spread a message of peace during the pending opposition rally.

On the other hand, Col. Sudue assured the public that the police will exercise their duty in a professional and democratic manner.

The police chief explained that the LNP will ensure that the rally is peaceful enough to avoid chaos.

Sudue assured that the rights and aspirations of every citizen will be protected during the rally.

He said the police did so during previous protests, including the the ‘June 7,’ and ‘Save The State,’ and others.

Sudue noted that the LNP has had an orientation of democratic policing.

“We have had an orientation of democratic policing. Democratic policing is where you are constrained to provide care and protection for your citizens to ensure their rights and aspirations are protected,” IG Sudue explained.

The police chief continued that the police will use every peaceful method to ensure that the rally remains under a conducive manner.

He also said community policing will be the order of the day to ensure that officers are taken to the people with peace and respect for human dignity.

But he also called the organizers and supporters of the CPP Rally to remain cordial and abide with the rules of law.

He urged them not to cause commotion and embarrassment for other peaceful citizens during the day of the rally.

Additionally, Col. Sudue called on the media to be present at the rally and report the reality of the ethical and democratic discharge of the duty of the LNP.

Meanwhile, Col. Sudue stated that there will be a detour of the flow of traffic to allow free movement and enable commuters go about their normal business.

For his part, the chairman of the Friends of Cummings and the lead conveyer of the “We Taya [Tired] Suffering Rally” Amb. Lewis Brown lauded the police for their commitment to ensure the rally is peaceful.

Amb. Brown applauded the Ministry of Justice for convening the strategic security meeting between the LNP and the CPP rally organizers.

He stated that the CPP has explicit confidence in the ability of the police to ensure that the rally is peaceful.

Amb. Brown reaffirmed the CPP commitment to a peaceful rally, saying the opposition petitions will be made known to the world.


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