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Police to conduct autopsy on Charloe Musu

-Compile final report

Authorities at the Liberia National Police are said to be considering an autopsy on the mortal remains of Charloe Musu, former Chief Justice Gloria Musu Scott’s daughter who was killed during a brutal attack at the home of Cllr. Scott weeks ago.

Police sources told the New Dawn on Monday. March 20, investigators have begun compiling their findings into the attack but are still considering speaking to other people of interest.

One source said since it has been widely reported that Charloe Musu, a graduating senior from Starz University died from knife wounds from stabbing, they want to establish the actual cause of death through an autopsy.

Scene of the crime

On the night of February 22, 2023, the home of former Chief Justice Scott was reportedly attacked leaving one of her daughters dead and others injured. Her vehicle was said to have been ransacked.

The attack came after she had reported two previous waves of attacks on her home on February 8th and 9th. Neighbors claimed to have heard screaming and called for police intervention, but to no avail.

Former Truth and Reconciliation Commission, now a U.S.-based Human Rights Advocate Cllr. Jerome Verdier on a public radio phone-in program accused Monrovia City Mayor Jefferson Koijee of being the mastermind behind the attack and killing.

Cllr. Verdier further alleged that Mayor Koijee paid Varlee Telleh, an ex-combatant and currently Deputy City Police Chief for Operations to be the hitman.

Both Koijee and Telleh have since denied their involvement and have challenged Cllr. Verdier to provide proof of his allegations.

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Mayor Koijee has also issued a lawsuit against Cllr. Verdier to that effect, a case which is yet to be heard.

Following protests from women civil society groupings, the police on Thursday, March 2, announced that it had invited several individuals including the former Chief Justice, occupants of the house at the time of the horrific incident to appear for questioning.

The police meeting with Cllr. Scott and family members on Friday, March 3, was held behind closed doors as details of the outcome are still unknown to the press.

Police investigators along with former Chief Justice Cllr. Gloria Musu Scott and family also visited the crime scene the following week, that after the initial planned visit at the scene of the incident was cut off over the weekend of March 4, due to a mixed up in planning.

Police investigators also extended an invitation to Cllr. Verdier on March 7, to assist in the ongoing investigation but the US-based Human Rights Advocate turned down the invitation.

In a letter dated 7 March 2023 and authorized by Police Inspector General Col. Patrick T. Sudue, the Liberia National Police requested Cllr. Verdier to kindly provide whatsoever evidence that he may have to link Monrovia Mayor Koijee and Monrovia City Police Officer Telleh to Charloe’s murder.

“We present our compliments and write in relation to’ your assertion made on Spoon Talk Show on February 23, 2023, alleging that Mayor Jefferson T. Koljee masterminded the killing of the late Charloe Musu by officer Varlee Tellah of the Monrovia City Police which occurred in Virginia, Montserrado County, on February 22, 2023,” the police letter said.

Days earlier, Cllr. Scott told the Voice of America (VOA) that she suspected that the Government of Liberia and the Liberia National Police were conspiring to threaten and make her a pool guy for the attacks in which her daughter Charloe was gruesomely murdered.

The opposition Unity Party stalwart and former Maryland County Senator disclosed that despite not being arrested by the government through the LNP, the authorities made her the defendant in the case.

According to her, she and her entire household don’t feel safe any longer because the person who has been going to her house and killed her daughter is still outside. –Writes Othello B. Garblah

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