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Prophet Key escapes detention

-Amid upheaval appearance at Temple of Justice

By Lincoln G. Peters and Kruah Thompson

Controversial Liberian social media talk show host, Nayaborqua Oldpa Yeazeahn, alias Prophet Key, on Thursday, February 15, 2024, escaped jail sentence after he was released on personal recognizance bond by the Magistrate of the Monrovia City Court.

Mr. Yeazeah appeared before Magistrate L. Ben Barcon, to answer the writ of arrest issued against him for the crime of criminal coercion, menacing and disorderly conduct filed by Liberia Cultural Ambassador, Julie Endee.

However, following his appearance, the defendant was detained and placed on prison bench at the court and later pleaded not guilty to the charges brought against him.

In brief argument from both teams, prosecution prayed the court to issue a Writ Ne Exeat Republica, to prevent Defendant Yeazeah from leaving the country. Prosecution at the same time prayed the court for the defendant to file a valid criminal appearance bond.

However, in resistance to prosecution’s argument, the defense prayed the court to deny and dismiss prosecution’s request on grounds that it lacks legal standing,  instead, urging the court to grant the defendant personal recognizance and continuance.

Personal recognizance, means a release without the requirement of a posting bail, based on a written promise by the defendant to appear in court when required to do so.

On the other hand, continuance is what a court may grant to delay proceedings until a later date. Parties in a suit or the judge themselves may wish to have a continuance granted in order to prepare for proceedings.

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“We pray this court to grant this defendant personal recognizance in order to secure his bond. We believe that the defendant has no intention of leaving this country or availing justice. If this defendant can be in the Kingdom of Morocco and heard about a writ of arrest against him and responds, he will not escape

Justice. Finally, we also urge this court to grant us continuance”, the defense argued.

Consequently, determining the matter after listening to both parties, Magistrate Barcon denied prosecution’s request granted the defendant continuance, and set the defendant free on personal recognizance as prayed for by his legal representation.

In an interview at the premises of the Liberian National Police after the matter was dismissed, the controversial social media talk show host, praised the police for maintaining a high level of professionalism throughout the entire proceeding.

He noted that he is not guilty of any crime for which he was issued the writ, until the court declares otherwise, emphasizing that appearing before the city court does not necessarily imply his guilt.

Prophet Key, responding to group of women who angrily insulted him after he was released, expressed pride in the judiciary system and urged all Liberians to believe in the court because it plays a key role in handling situations that may arise.

Similarly, Culture Ambassador Julie Endee, expressed her belief in the judicial system of Liberia, remarking that the progression of the case demonstrates the efficacy of the Liberian judiciary system and pledged to see the case through to its conclusion.

She emphasizes that regardless of one’s status, everyone’s rights have limits, and respect for others’ rights is paramount.

Endee thanked all women, who supported her and reiterated that whether Prophet Key is released on bail or not, it is his constitutional right. She affirmed her commitment to fulfilling her promise of bringing him to court.

Meanwhile, tensions brewed at the Supreme Court’s premises as supporters of both Julie Endee and Prophet Key nearly engaged in physical altercation, prompting intervention from the Liberian National Police.

 The courtroom was packed with spectators eager to see the controversial talk show host, known for raining invectives, in person, many of whom had previously only seen him on social media. Editing by Jonathan Browne

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