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Rev. Kollie: “I have forgiven Senator Johnson”

By Lincoln G. Peters

Prison Fellowship Country Director Rev. Francis Kollie says he has forgiven former Liberian warlord, now Nimba County Senator Prince Y. Johnson, for wounds allegedly inflicted against him and his family by Senator Johnson during the civil unrest in Liberia.

According to Rev. Kollie, during the civil war in Liberia, Senator Johnson, who was a rebel leader, inflicted wounds on him (Rev. Kollie) and his family while in Bong Mines.

But he revealed that he has forgiven Senator Johnson as President George Weah has forgiven the 500 inmates who committed crimes against the state and individuals.

He pointed out that he was maltreated and suffered wounds at the hands of Senator Johnson during the war.

He said today he still undergoes some physical and mental challenges due to the wounds inflicted against him and his family by Senator Johnson.

Rev. Kollie noted that he undergoes the worst treatment at the hands of Senator Johnson when he met him at the Bong Mines.

‘’I have let go [of] the pain that he inflicted upon me and my family. Senator Johnson, you are a free man by the grace of God. I have not just forgiven you but your entire family and generation from the bottom of my heart,” said Rev. Kollie. 

“I know that things that you did against me, my family and others are terrible but again, I have forgiven you.”

However, the clergy said he still supports the establishment of a war and economic crimes court once Liberians desire it, though he will not hold any individual at heart.

The Liberian clergyman however lauded President Weah for granting executive clemency to 500 inmates including Ex-defense Minister J. Brownie Samukai, noting that the move will help reduce the overcrowdedness at the prison facility in Monrovia.

“The President’s decision is right and it’s intended to promote and maintain peace, reconciliation and unity,” said Rev. Kollie.


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