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Woman in indefinite detention

-For cutting boyfriend’s penis
Victim George N. Bainda
A magisterial court in Bong County has sentenced a 22-year-old woman to prison for time indefinite after she was found guilty of cutting her boyfriend’s penis in MiattaTown,Felela, Salala District, lower Bong.

MiattaSesay was sentenced recently to the Jorpolue Prison Center in Bong County, pending her victim George N. Bainda’s totally recovery from the injury. The Court is in Salala town. Speaking to The NewDawn on Sunday, 15 May in Miatta Town, George narrated that Miatta was sentenced by the court and he was told that she will remain in jail until he returns to court and tells the judge that he has totally recovered from his wounds.

When asked how he was coming on and when is he expected in court, he smiled and said, “Everything is left with me.” George said when he gets well completely, he will go back to the court to tell the judge to release Miatta from the prison. According to him, he is now freely urinating and gradually recovering.

Also speaking to this paper recently at the court, the Salala City Solicitor explained that police charged the accused with aggravated assaulted for the act committed against her estranged boyfriend. Miatta allegedly chopped the penis of her 21-year-old boyfriend after he terminated their relationship, accusing her for alleged misbehavior and sexual unfaithfulness.

The incident occurred in Miatta Town on Sunday, May 1 at about noon. George further narrated he had on several occasions engaged Miatta about her attitude but she would not respond moderately, and rather bragged that she was already in a better relationship.

The victim said he also complained his fiancée to her parents, asking them to inquire from her whether she was still interested in being with him. He said with no solution in sight despite his efforts, he asked her to pack her belongings and leave instead of embarrassing his life, which she allegedly yielded to and left.

He detailed that the attack against his life occurred around 3: 40 pm on Sunday when he decided to go to the creek and shower in order to rush to a susu club meeting, adding that while in the creek taking bath with soap fume on his face, Miatta allegedly crept towards him and deeply slashed his penis, leaving his urinary tract cut.

The victim said immediately he screamed, calling for help and dropped, but was rescued and rushed to the Phebe Hospital in Suakoko outside Gbarnga for medication and subsequently discharged. George said while this was going on, he heard the suspect remarked that everything is finished, and that his parents would lose him.

The partners had lived together for about five years and have a two years old son, prior to the incident.

By Ramsey N. Singbeh, Jr. in Margibi-Editing by Jonathan Browne

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