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Catholic Lawyers urge Liberians to vote

The Catholic Lawyers Association of Liberia urges Catholics across Liberia and the Liberian populace in general that are registered voters to turn out in their numbers on Tuesday, 10 October to vote.

In a press release, the Association underscores that participation in Tuesday’s elections is not only a civic duty but also in adherence and respect for constitutional provisions, as provided in Articles 1, 77, and 83 of the Constitution of Liberia (1986).

The release, signed by Cllr. Darryl Ambrose Nmah, Sr., National Coordinator, notes that regardless of how each individual citizen feels regarding the performances of past and current leadership, boycotting or staying away from the forthcoming elections does not help the situation in any way. 

“It rather allows a handful of individuals to decide the destiny of the country and regrettably, the entire country will have to live with their choice whether good or bad for the next six (6) years for President and Representatives and nine (9) years for Senators”, the release reads.

At the same time, the Association says it is greatly concerned about recent developments that have the propensity to threaten the over two (2) decades of peace being enjoyed by Liberians.

It draws particular attention to what it calls advertent or inadvertent actions and/or inactions of the National Elections Commission in the execution of its statutory responsibility that could raise unnecessary suspicion and distrust in certain quarters.

 The Association believes those in charge of the electoral process are individuals with high moral standard and they would do nothing to diminish the trust which have been reposed in them, calling on political actors and the general public to refrain from any actions and statements including threats or jabs that would create tension, uneasiness or impede the peace of the nation. 

Most importantly, the Catholic Lawyers Association of Liberia denounces in the strongest term any form of violence which has begun to creep its way in the elections, adding that recent violence in Foya, Lofa County on Friday, September 29, that reportedly left two persons dead and several injured is extremely alarming, and all measures need to be put in place, not just to prevent a recurrence, but also to ensure those responsible for this mayhem be made to face the full weight of the law.

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“Certainly, all Liberians know the consequences of electoral violence and as such everyone must standup against hate-speeches, threats and all acts that would derail the peace and plunge the country into another round of conflict”, the Association underscores.  

The Catholic Lawyers Association of Liberia therefore calls on all eligible Catholic voters and candidates, as well as those playing key roles in political parties to utilize the legal processes to handle electoral disputes.  We call on all Liberians to jealously protect the peace, refrain from all forms of violence and respect the rule of law during these elections processes.  Press Release

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