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CDC will end Boakai’s presidential quest 

--Chairman Morlu

By Lewis S. Teh 

The Chairman of the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) Mulbah K. Morlu says his party will end the presidential quest of opposition leader Amb. Joseph Nyumah Boakai on 10 October 2023.

“CDCians must not and will not allow Boakai to achieve his desire to tear down this country; we will end his presidential quest at the ballot box,” Morlu said during a press conference Tuesday, 3 October 2023.

Morlu alleged that Boakai has expressed strong desire to break down Liberia’s democracy.

He made a reference to the opposition leader’s recent statement that if the election is stolen, “that’s the end of this country.”

But Mr. Morlu said the CDC will not allow this to happen.

Boakai is the main rival to incumbent President George Manneh Weah of the CDC in the 10 October 2023 presidential and legislative elections.

The CDC chairman has extolled supporters and partisans of the ruling party for allegedly being peaceful throughout the entire camping period.

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Meanwhile supporters of the CDC and UP have had a series of violent clashes since the 2023 political campaign was launched in August this year.

CDC supporters paraded with a casket bearing photos of Mr. Boakai, and on another occasion, they clashed with UP supporters after Boakai was denied access to his party’s campaign office in Sinkor.

UP and CDC’s latest political violence occurred in Foya, Lofa County in which at least two victims were reported dead in late September.

“You have proven to be the most peaceful groups this campaign period; you have shown that violence has nothing to do [with] you any longer,” Mr. Morlu claimed.

The CDC chair disclosed that the huge turnout to welcome President Weah during his visit to Lofa County was by far bigger than the turn out for the UP.

Morlu noted that this allegedly brought anger in UP partisans which resulted to tension and subsequently led to the death of the innocent citizens.

Morlu believes that the recent situation in Lofa County has everything to do with the UP standard bearer’s recent statement that if the election is stolen, “that’s the end of this country.” 

“I have documents in my possession that shows that those who attack our partisans were carrying firearms. This tells the kind of Liberia he wants to inherit,” said Morlu.

Mr. Morlu suggested that the CDC will not allow Boakai to go near the presidency.

” The way to express anger is to stop the perpetrator of the heinous crimes carried out against our citizens,” he said.

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One Comment

  1. Boaki must be ended! His chances of winning the eletions are very poor therefore he has resorted to using electoral violence and tribalism using the people of Lofa as Ellen did with Nimba!

    Baki’s desperation is in part due to his financial woes. Boaki owed millions of dollars to creditors, Nigerians, Fulanis and Ghanaians, and the only way for those monies refund is for Boakai to instigate instability during the elections using the Lofa people to lead another rebel group as Ellen would do when she lost the elections to late president Doe.

    Liberians must keep an open eye on the Lofa scenario because Boaki is in cohort with Boimah Samukai, Alaric Tokpah, Kabined Janieh, and other dissents for a Guinea led insurrection.

    Noone should be surprised of a Lofa Rebel group after the election results in which Baki will lose.

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