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Agric Power vows to up Liberia’s GDP

Agric Power Africa, an international organization here is promising to grow Liberia’s Gross Domestic Product (DGP) to US$10 Billion in five years.

Addressing a news conference Tuesday following a closed door meeting with authorities at the Ministry of Agriculture in Gardnersville outside Monrovia, the Chairman of Agric Power Africa, Aroms Emmanuel Aigbehi notes that agriculture holds huge potentials for earning untold revenue for Liberia and individuals.

He says in West Africa, food import alone costs over US$40 billion yearly, with Nigeria alone at over $22 billion, which according to him, rises yearly.

He says the result shows that many food items in West Africa, including Liberia are priced the same as in the United States or any European countries, adding, “This makes the cost of basic food items inaccessible for the people hence, the economy cannot sustain itself”.

“Despite the prevailing, we believe Liberia can overcome her food problem and gain food security with the right attitude towards agriculture within three years” Mr. Aigbehi said.

Speaking further Mr. Aigbehi indicates there are huge potentials in adding value by processing and packaging of food produce stressing that there exist huge markets for well processed exportable spices and herbs which can be produced in Liberia such as pepper, ginger, turmeric, nutmeg etc.

He explains that individuals as well as organizations that engage in these agricultural values chain businesses will be successfully and accumulate huge wealth.

Mr. Aigbehi notes that Liberians face uphill battle to engage in any aspect of Agriculture because of series of mitigating factors.

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“Many of these problems are so huge and complicated that a single individual who is passionate about agriculture may not have enough money, time, contacts, skills and other resources to leverage the potentials in Agriculture to create wealth”, he adds.

He emphasized that to overcome these problems, there must be a concerted effort through cooperation of like-minded people and organizations prepared to harness their skills, knowledge, contacts and money, and form an investment platform which can leverage the full potential of agriculture in Liberia adding this is where Agric Power Africa, Liberia comes in.

The Agric Power Africa Chairman further explains his group can leverage on the skills, knowledge, contacts and money of participating partners to create a modern and sustainable agribusiness that will compete in the global market place.

Mr. Aigbehi continues this will help create jobs, alleviate poverty and create wealth in Liberia through agriculture which will help boost the government pro poor program.

He says Agric Power has ambitious plan for Liberia that would enable the country to become a powerhouse for West Africa and net exporter of food in three years.

“We are sure that with the support of this administration, we will be able to realize these objectives and the implementation of this plan will enable the Government of Liberia to build further, attracting more investments and funding into Liberia.”

He stresses there is an urgent need for food security, national development and further political stability in Liberia that will lead into a new phase of national development. Editing by Jonathan Browne

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