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Bility Faces Court of Arbitration for Sports

The President of the Liberia Football Association and FIFA’s Presidential hopeful Musa Bility is scheduled to face the court of Arbitration for Sports in the Swiss capital, Zurich today Wednesday, December 23, 2015..

A statement from the Liberia Football Association says Mr. Bility is challenging FIFA Ad-hoc Electoral Committee’s decision to deny him participation in next February FIFA Presidential elections.

The statement said although Mr. Bility countered the allegation brought against him, the Investigatory Committee dismiss his application and went further to deny his ambition for the FIFA top post thereby questioning his integrity on November 12, 2015.

Mr. Bility is of the view that the FIFA Ad-Hoc Electoral Committee failed in its mandate, relying solely on a third party information based on disputable sources, and on unfounded claims; thus violating his right to a fair treatment.

Mr. Bility is seeking an interim suspension of the FIFA Electoral Committee’s November 12 decision to allow him continue his campaign for the Presidency. The statement said the Liberian Football Tycoon is also seeking a final decision declaring that Mr Bility’s integrity is not challenged and that he can run for the FIFA Presidential Election in February 2016 during the special session.

The legal team of the LFA Boss is also seeking an appropriate compensation for the harm suffered by him as far as his reputation is concerned. 

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