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Calm restored after land dispute in Zota

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Calm has been restored in Kpaimue and Wornukai Communities of Zota District, Bong County following years of tussle between residents of the two areas over an estimated 200 acres of land.

Our correspondent in Bong County says residents of Kpaimue have over the past been climbing ownership of the land.

The disputed land is situated between the two towns, and residents of Wornukai had also threatened to slaughter any trespasser.
The situation resulted into fist fights between residents of the towns after Wornukai’s Town Chief Moses Darkermue allegedly granted a portion of the land to some Guinean nationals to settle in Liberia.

But Kpaimue Town Chief Tartor Mormue insisted that the land should not be given to the Guinean nationals on grounds that the land did not belong to the people of Wornukai.
More than seven persons were injured in a fight that ensued over the granting of the land to the Guineans.

The Guineans were forced to flee the land that had been offered to them and returned to Guinea.
To end the longstanding dispute, our correspondent says local authorities of the two towns convened a meeting on Tuesday, 12 February aimed at restoring peace.

Residents from the two towns agreed on Tuesday to settle their disagreement and live in harmony.Kpaimue’s Town Chief Mr. Mormue has expressed happiness, describing the peace deal as a restoration of their lost hope.“No need to fight for land that we met here and will leave here,” he says.

He says he is willing to do anything to maintain peace in the area.
For his part, Wornukai Chief Moses Darkermue says they have agreed and come to one conclusion by inviting surveyors to help divide the land.
“I am very happy that we have settled this matter, I can assure you that we will never have misunderstanding, not only about land issue but any other thing,” Mr. Darkermue says.

At the meeting, citizens of the areas agreed to divide the estimated 200 acres of land when a survey is conducted.
By Joseph Titus Yekeryan in Bong –Edited by Winston W. Parley

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