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Editorial: Salvos for VP Jewel Howard Taylor

Vice President Jewel Howard Taylor is perhaps still recuperating from the barrage of criticisms she suffered the entire week for instigating youth from her National Patriotic Party and the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change to storm the Christ Chapel of Faith Ministry of Senator Prince Yormie Johnson in Paynesville, leaving worshipers running for their lives.

Dressed in their respective party regalia and chanting “War crimes court! War crimes court!, youth wings of both the NPP and CDC that form the ruling Coalition government of President George Weah converged on the church premises in a militant mood, which left frightened worshipers running helter-skelter, including Senator/Evangelist Johnson himself, who was preparing to deliver his Sunday sermon.

The overly zealous party youth had been motivated reportedly by a Facebook post from PYJ that he was prepared to respond to VP Taylor’s characterization of his person at an endorsement rally held last week in the joint chambers of the Capitol. Mrs. Taylor described PYJ as a “killer” who took the lives of thousands of Liberians during the civil war, calling for his prosecution before a war crimes court.

It is the threat to respond by the Senator/Evangelist that mobilized the NPP youth council and the CDC youth wing to move on his church on Sunday, May 21, to disrupt the worship.

But immediately after the despicable act, former Vice President Joseph Nyumah Boakai swiftly condemned VP Jewel Taylor, for unleashing thugs on PYJ, noting that such a brazen act of thuggery is without a shred of doubt reprehensible, inconceivable, unacceptable, and sheer provocation, adding that it is shameful that such lawlessness is done in the name of Vice President Jewel Howard Taylor, said to be a Lawyer, who he notes, by oath bears greater responsibility to uphold the rule of law and respect the constitutional rights of others. 

Former Montserrado County lawmaker David Kotie urged Vice President Jewel Howard Taylor to desist from making inflammatory statements that could put Liberia in trouble, lamenting in a very angry tune that it’s unfortunate for a person occupying high position in government like Vice President Taylor to make statements that will threaten the peace of the country.

Also, the standard bearer of the opposition Vision for Liberia Transformation Party (VOLT) Dr. Jeremiah Z. Whapoe, reacting to the distasteful behavior by the political parties’ youth said VP Howard-Taylor doesn’t have any moral rectitude to hold on and question the ability of any well-meaning Liberian for best living or character.

“This Vice President is a beneficiary and supporter of the war that killed many in this country. She aided and abetted the war by giving her ex-husband, former President Charles Taylor advice to kill Liberians. Madam Howard-Taylor and former President Charles Taylor are responsible for the two hundred and fifty thousand Liberians that died in the civil war”, Dr. Whapoe added. 

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Besides reactions from these leaders, Madam Taylor also suffered mass criticism from the public despite being a Christian herself, for turning a blind eye on youth from the ruling establishment going to disrupt a church service in her defense. Even a faction of the Vice President’s NPP headed by Senator James P. Biney of Maryland County, said sadly, this latest action by Madam Taylor’s loyalists in the party destroyed all they have worked for over the years in trying to rebrand the NPP.

We are taken aback that Vice President Taylor, a mother and leader of high respect, could have stood too low in the name of politicking to promote wrong. Madam Taylor should muster the courage to rise above dirty politics and know that as a sitting Vice President of Liberia, the onus is on her to provide leadership at all times irrespective of political interest. Liberia is bigger than any one political party and maintaining the peace should be paramount.

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  1. My family is first. I am the head. Make a choice. The church or the state or none,

  2. If you need to be a leader, make a choice. The church, the state or none. 1st Timothy 3.

  3. Jewel, CDC, and the NPP never once believed in peaceful protests. They’ve NEVER allowed anyone to peacefully protest in Liberia, especially if that protest is against their regime(s). The would even attempt murder in their desperation to prevent protests. We all know the history of what happens to people who attempt protest under CDC regime. It was no different under Charles Taylor and his NPP regime, a regime that Jewel considers the best ever. Recall how they brutalized the UL students at Mamba Point. Does it bother Jewel? What is Jewel’s view on this matter? How justice ever taken its rightful course against the perpetrators of the attempted murder of UL students? The perpetrators and paid agents are still roaming Liberia scot-free, congratulating themselves about committing crimes and getting away with impunity. This the Liberia of parties like CDC and NPP. But of course that’s the choice of the Liberian people. People like Jewel have spent their entire adult life milking from government, so they feel so entitled. The think they are above criticism. But this story is nearing conclusion. The day of justice is fast approaching and Jewel and her likes will find it necessary to read the Liberian constitution.

  4. There was no constitutional violation of a peaceful protest of Liberians! The law provides the basis for a peaceful ptotest, anywhere!

    Sadly, the mainstream partisan media is disingenously inflaming and twisting these democrátic rights of the people to freely assemble and protest. Whichever group showed up at Prince Johnson’s church acted within the law!

    There is no exceptionality to the character Prince Johnson apart from his war crimes and crimes against humanity! The truth is, Prince Johnson actually committed war crimes and crimes against humanity in Liberia and any political dividend that should accrue to this killer is a mockery of democracy and accountability!

    Prince Johnson killed his own people in his native Nimba County, 32 Gios and Manos Special Forces Commandos, apart from other Liberians whom he killed in other parts of the country!

    With these elections, more and more people should turn out in their numbers to demand the arrest and trial of Primce Johnson! More people should take to the streets and call for the war crimes arrest and trial of Prince Johnson!
    This is the people’s right in a democracy and it must begin now! The people should arrest Prince Johnson if the government should refuse to do so!

    Continuous protest should ensure at the National Legislature for the arrest of all warlords indicted in the TRC and for the setting up of war and economic crimes courts in Liberia!

    Woefully, Joseph Nyumah Boakai sense of judgment is still scanty, picking another killer for a running mate will permanently retires him!
    Unity Party was a prime 12 years looter of our country andnBoakai believes
    he will make a comeback to steal more?

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