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EFFL leader rejects job from Boakai

By Kruah Thompson 

The leader of the Economic Freedom Fighters of Liberia (EFFL), Emmanuel Gonqua, rejects his appointment by President Joseph Nyuma Boakai as deputy labor minister-designate, for planning and manpower, citing a commitment to party integrity and leadership principles.

The EFFL is an alliance party of President Boakai’s governing Unity Party that supported Mr. Boakai’s bid for the Presidency.

But speaking to the NEW DAWN via mobile phone, Commander-In-Chief Emmanuel Gonqua clarifies that prior to his appointment by the President as deputy labor minister-designate, he had a meeting with President Boakai on Saturday, February 16, 2024, during which they agreed that EFFL’s National Chairman, Steve Saah Kolubah, would be appointed as Ministry of Labor, while Prince Saah Bonnah, Jr., would be appointed as deputy director for administration at the National Housing Authority.

But C-I-C Gonqua says upon perusing the list of appointees, he discovered his name has been listed for the Ministry of Labor, contrary to the agreement he had with President Boakai.

“I cannot accept an appointment that contradicts the agreement we made,” Gonqua firmly resists, adding that doing so would compromise his leadership ability and integrity.

Expressing his commitment to party’s principles and fairness, he reiterates that his dedication to upholding political discipline and ensuring the interests of the EFFL and the Liberian people remain paramount.

He underscores his unwillingness to compromise on his political principles, emphasizing the importance of fairness and adherence to agreements.

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“When the President and I met on Saturday, he confirmed the three appointments to various entities we first talked about, and he also noted that our letters were already signed,” Gonqua reveals.

However, he notes that certain individuals within the President’s Office had rearranged the roles, placing him in the role of National Chairman and the National Chairman in the role of Vice Chair for Economic Affairs.

“To be honest, they have to exercise caution or else, they will turn the Presidency into a source of bewilderment and laughter with their unprofessional behavior.”

He reiterates the importance of maintaining professionalism and integrity within the government and vows to continue advocating for the interests of the EFFL and the Liberian people.

“In order to maintain harmony within our party, I made the tough decision to reschedule my appointment. The core of leadership is selflessness, not self-interest”, he underscores.

At the same time, Gonqua reaffirms his commitment to the EFFL’s values and the betterment of Liberia, adding “I value our party above all others, and I do not prioritize the President’s relationship with me as a son and father. He is truly a leader whose only interest is to see a better Liberia.”

President Boakai has been forming his government with the nomination of individuals to the cabinet and public corporations, but the exercise has been greeted with outcry from alliance political parties and from within the ruling UP about stalwarts, who campaigned in trenches and villages being left out.

A group of aggrieved ruling UP partisans recently protested at the residence of President Boakai in Rehab community, Paynesville in demand of jobs. Editing by Jonathan Browne 

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One Comment

  1. In relation to this issues of appointment by the president alongside misarrangement or omission of names by people in the president’s office,I think he needs to critical come down hard on said individual(s) so as to safe his presidency.
    Aside that, it is also clear that the heads of the various Auxiliaries have been forgotten by His Excellency but let me remind him that his victory was as a result of these auxiliaries that were led by people like us who risk their lives campaigning for him. Let me remind the president that some of us are indeed qualify with foreign credentials to serve in appointed position but we feel left out after laboring risking our lives for you. Never disregard the hand that fed you sir and remember that we are watching.

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