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Former First Lady Nancy Doe’s Benefits Claims: Is It Constitutional or Legal?

Nancy Born Doe was the former first lady and wife of the late Samuel Kenyon Doe who was himself killed in cold blood by War Lord Prince Yormie Johnson. Mrs. Doe earned her title as the first lady when her later husband Doe became a Military junta leader of the notoriously know “People Redemption Council, PRC” that toppled a 123-years political hegemony of the True Whig Party and killed 17-government officials in cold blood. Nancy’s title was also validated when former president Doe was elected President, the Republic of Liberia under a would-be cloudy political maneuvering exercise that yielded unprecedented political outcries.

The late Doe presided over one of the most brutal and turbulence political systems after critics concluded that he rubbed the presidency and became a very oppressive and fearful ruler in many ways from the perspective of many critically unassuming minds. How the late Doe took over the affairs may have directly or indirectly fueled the 1980 brutal genocide. Moreover, Doe also acquired stolen properties from the so-called “Americo-Liberian” he killed and legitimized those properties ASAP.

An unimpeachable source directly familiar with these scenarios revealed that the late Doe accumulated huge stolen properties ranging from 15,500 acres of land in Bentol City; 49 duplexes, 16 giant businesses/stores; 63 independent gold mines, and 5mecanize farmland in Grand Geddeh, and Tuozon Doe’s birthplace. The late Doe assumed the nation’s highest position the presidency without disclosing his assets because political pundits believe Doe was a very poor rate that came to political prominence.

It was however obvious that none of the 17-PRC members were rich or had properties before their ascendancy to political power, but instead, they acquired properties illegally and transformed under their titles around Liberia. The sources also disclosed that Nancy Doe was on taxpayer payroll and was given a budget ranging between 800000 to 1.5 million US dollars as a first lady every budget year when Doe was in power both as military junta leader and President of Liberia.

These unaccounted and unverifiable taxpayer monies were spent by Nancy Doe as she saw it fate. Being the first lady is not an electable position, it was a position hidden under the shadows of the late Doe who was then President OF Liberia. But the questions that arose are as follows: “Was the First Lady Position” a fully constitutional title backed by taxpayer funding? From research, the answer is no. A first lady position is not a constitutional position for which it should deserve the attention of taxpayer funding to service said office from time to time. Nancy Doe claimed that she is entitled to benefits as a former first lady or benefits from for her late husband which is becoming much more acrimonious in most Liberian circles.

30-years after the brutal killing of the late Doe, Nancy Doe, the former first lady is strongly laying claim on serious financial benefits which has continued to generate an endless argument. With regards to Nancy’s position to claim her late husband benefits, there are other questions. Did Doe die in the office? Was he killed in the office?

These questions are sensitive and private oriented. Political scholars shared their thoughts with Political Hot-Fire that as long as Doe was killed, is the same as being overthrown or force out of the office and losing everything. He emphatically forfeits all his presidential benefits as compared to whether he died in office due to illness or it was through other natural causes. The death of the late Doe has a lot to do with Nancy Doe’s claim for herself and or for her husband. Critics believed that Nancy Doe claimed to benefits is unconstitutional but legal. There is no constitutional provision to state that the taxpayers are obligated to the former first lady in goods, cash, or services.

A president can only be pensioned when he honorably ended his tenure according to the constitution of the land and demands all his benefits. But this was not the same with Doe. He didn’t end his tenure. He was killed outside his official office as president of Liberia. He has killed another warlord fighting another warlord and he was overpowered and subsequently killed so he doesn’t desire any benefits directly or indirectly as another faction in the Liberian civil war and not has a president of Liberia.

What affected Doe affects Nancy Doe. Her late husband doesn’t desire any pension constitutionally according to his role as another faction leader in the war and how he died as a captured faction leader. Doe wasn’t captured in the executive mansion and killed like Tolbert. Doe fought back as another faction indirectly. The government of Liberia will need to take Nancy Doe to the task to pay back taxpayer monies she used during her husband’s regime since he did not die in office but was captured fighting back as another faction in the civil war.

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