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Gasoline price hit LRD 1,800 in Ganta

By Thomas Domah, Nimba County

Report from Nimba County says the pump price for a gallon of gasoline in Ganta City is now being sold between LRD1,500 (USD10.00) and LDR 1,800 LD (USD 12.00) from previously LRD830.

As a result of the sudden increase, commercial drivers, including motorcyclists have correspondently increased transport fares in the commercial city.

The fare from Ganta to Monrovia previously LRD1,200 is now LRD2,000, while from Ganta to Tappita, Zekepa and Sanniquellie, Karnplay and Luoguato border are now between LRD 2,000 and 5,000, respectively.

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However, amid the increase in pump price of gasoline in the county, major commodities such as rice, gas and cement continue to cross into neighboring Guinea from Ganta on the Liberian side.

Liberian Joint Security assigned at the border are seen daily receiving bribes from Guinean truck drivers to allow these items to leave Liberia.

Meanwhile, motorcyclists in Ganta, Nimba County are threatening to protest against the abrupt increase in the price of gasoline.

Some aggrieved motorcyclists lament that most of them rely on the motorcycles to feed their homes and send their children to school, while others say they are in daily susu and monthly clubs and have to pay monthly due and daily susu card, but hike in gasoline price is affecting the business.

Here in Monrovia, the pump price for a gallon of gasoline is reportedly LRD850 from 750, while the pump price for a gallon of diesel or fuel previously sold for LRD900 is now LRD1,000. Editing by Jonathan Browne 


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