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Letter To God: Lord, there is no saint in the devil’s kingdom

Dear Father,

There is this saying that politics is a dirty game-Uh mm. Yes, a game characterized by lies, self-interests, manipulations, and deceits.

So, anyone wanting to join this game must be prepared to get dirty right? And not only get dirty but be able to cajole people-make them believe you are a saint- a man in whom there is no deceit-puah.

Hmmm, my son, who ever told you there was a saint in the devil’s kingdom?

I know ehn. And that reminds me of events that unfolded in my village over the weekend. They say about five chiefs within the Traditional Counsel who are from different umbrella groupings that have been wrestling and bad-mouthing the Footballer and his camp-crossed carpet over the weekend.

Tell me something my son!

Yes, oo Father. They say, conmen them said all the noise they have been making for the nearly five years, they have been under the cloud of smoke from the weed they had been smoking all this while-nonsense!

Hmm, that’s sound interesting my son.

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Sure, Father, it sounds so interesting to see a bunch of men who have failed their own vision (that is their umbrella groupings even have some) jump ship just months for the villagers to decide their fate speaks volumes.

But my some didn’t I say there is no saint in the devil’s kingdom?

Yes, Father, you are right that is the main reason politics, they say is a dirty game. There are no messiahs after all. It’s about self, self, and self-coupled with personal interest and people’ oriented interest.

But again Father, who will you blame. The villagers themselves are part of the problem.

What do you mean my son?

Father, the people make choices like mad men and women who don’t even know what they want. So, they have left their faith in the hands of men and women whose only desires are to hang on to state power by whatever means necessary.

But who doesn’t want to hold on to power my son?

You can say that over and over again Father. I mean who doesn’t want to ride a free car, get free gas slips to the extent possible collect rent for staying in their own houses. I bet most of these guys don’t even know the prices of gasoline or fuel on the market or the cost of a generator or vehicle spare parts because it is not their own dame money!

Yet, our people look at them as saints. Saints whose interests are for personal interest. They abandon the people they claim to represent and fly to Uncle Sam’s cousin’s village to tie knots. These were the saints of membrane pasts.

So yes, Father, I believe you, politics is like that-the devil’s game and true there are no saints in the devil’s kingdom.

Well, my only hope is that those jumping ship at this time don’t find themselves wanting-that is they should not overweigh the ship to cause it to capsize in the middle.

But anyway, while am I hurting my head Father, politics is always like that in this village for the stomach’s sake and not for the people. They are the Timothy of our time-seeking opportunity not commitment to true values.

Father, am I talking too much? Oh, I forgot-There are no saints in the devil’s kingdom. I yield back.

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