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Letter to God: Lord, who tell them the Footballer people geh time for facts

Dear Father:

I beg you ya, who tell them de Footballer people geh time for facts. In fact, who tell you da they can even listen to him when he talking before your want them to be correcting him.

The man say the Old man used to be sleeping so he never used to see him putting him hand up. Which one be your own to come start making noise around here? Is it becus he say only him man Alberto used to see him hand whenever he wor presiding? Yor lee us mehn.

You say whatin, da Alberto wor there?

I beg you ya, Alberto who just came in de picture de orlor day wehplay he wor eh?

So, it mean de Old Man talked true da our man never used put him hand up or he never used to attend meeting at de Traditional Council when he wor there? Becus he na even know who was de Paramount Chief sef. Damn! Father, it look leh de sleepy Old Man win dis orlor debate oo.

Bor my son, you want to tell me nobody wor there to correct de man?

Father, how many time I mon say dis one thing? When de people see de Country Giant all their brain them can scatter. Some can go spend time.

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I say de people can be so happy da anything our big Brabee say da gospel truth to them. So, nobody geh time sef to understand de thing them de man can be talking. All they know, their man talking and they there-da all.

Bor come to think of it Father, me I na blame de people who are just there to see de man-whether we lekay or not, de man supporter them jus leh him.

De only problem I have is with de one them who can come be running with it on de Town Crier them, they wan to tell us da they too have lost their brains?

So, you see de problem there. Okay, so we understand de Footballer wor talking da day and him make mistake, you who come explain somer de thing them de man wor saying, you want to tell us you na listen well, well and do some background checking before you come on de village radio to explain to us-Ay mehn!

Bor my son who say somer de people geh time for de truth.

Father, de thing too bad mehn, leh talk so and talk so. I shame sef. If you do it leh da na, it will jus be looking ugly.

We all know de Footballer da human being, he can make mistake-you can’t tell me he na know who wor de Paramount Chief when he wor at de Upper end of the Tradition Council.

So, to jus start running with de same thing leh da ay mehn, yor na doing well for our Brabee at all. Even de time de man talking about our village paper used to be 23 dollar of Uncle Sam money, na de 50 we are paying for it today.

Father, I know de Country Giant made honest mistake.

How do you know my son?

Father, I been following dis man since 2005, if da one thing I know about him, him na leh for people to lie for him. He will tell you de truth.

Ehn we here, all de people da going around telling all kina lies how de man na do dis orlor one here and da orlor one there de day de man geh ready to talk one on one, he will say my people leh me tell your de true yaa.

So, leh them be there lying all around here saying they helping and covering up for de man. Trust me Father, just listen to our man next time he talking, he will correct himself. Ley man na willing to give nobody chance to come and say bad, bad thing them about him here just so they can pretend leh they working becus when de shit hit de fence, they will all scatter looking for new places to hang their coat them.

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One Comment

  1. General advice for voters in any election. Here are some suggestions for the people of Liberia in the upcoming October 10, 2023, presidential elections:

    1. Educate yourself: Take the time to research and understand the candidates, their policies, and their track records. Look into their past achievements, experience, and their plans for the future of Liberia.

    2. Participate in debates and discussions: Attend political debates, town hall meetings, and other public forums where candidates present their ideas and answer questions. Engage in discussions with fellow citizens to exchange perspectives and gain a broader understanding of the candidates’ positions.

    3. Evaluate candidates’ integrity: Consider the candidates’ integrity, honesty, and commitment to serving the interests of the Liberian people. Look for candidates who have a history of transparency, accountability, and ethical conduct.

    4. Assess their development plans: Examine each candidate’s proposed plans for economic growth, infrastructure development, healthcare, education, and other critical sectors. Evaluate how feasible and realistic their plans are and how they align with your vision for Liberia’s future.

    5. Consider their leadership qualities: Assess the leadership qualities of the candidates, including their ability to unite and lead the nation effectively. Look for candidates who demonstrate strong leadership skills, inclusivity, and the ability to work collaboratively with diverse groups.

    6. Vote based on policy, not personality: Avoid making decisions solely based on charisma or popularity. Please focus on the candidates’ policies and their potential impact on Liberia’s development and stability.

    7. Participate in voter registration: Ensure you are registered to vote and encourage others to do the same. Participate actively in the electoral process to have a say in shaping Liberia’s future.

    8. Respect diverse opinions: Remember that people may have different political beliefs and opinions. Engage in respectful conversations and debates, fostering a culture of tolerance and understanding.

    9. Encourage peaceful elections: Promote peaceful elections by discouraging violence, respecting the electoral process, and reporting any irregularities or concerns to the appropriate authorities.

    10. Exercise your right to vote: Finally, on election day, exercise your right to vote responsibly. Choose the candidate you believe represents your interests and contributes to Liberia’s progress.

    Remember, this advice is meant to be general, and it’s essential to adapt it to the specific context of Liberia’s political landscape and the candidates running in the October 10, 2023, presidential elections.

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