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Grand Kru students honor Deputy Speaker Koffa

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A group of students dubbed; “Conscious students of Grand Kru County” from various colleges and universities in Monrovia honored Deputy Speaker of the 54th House of Representatives, Cllr. J. FonatiKoffa for his contributions to citizens of the county in Montserrado county ad well as achievements for the first time.

The students group listed the construction of three elementary schools in Grand Kru County namely, Chengbetee , a communication towel in Buah-Parluken and the rehabilitation roads by the district #2 Rep. Lawmaker including the payments of school fees both textary and high School among other things, propelled decision to recognize him.

The group also named the donation of a 19 KVA generator to Rally town Hospital — the only referral hospital in Grand Kru as contributing factor as well.

Timothy Grandoe, on behalf students, mentioned the L$1m Women Loan and other relentless financial and materials supports of the Deputy Speaker to the students’ community.

“This historic occasion comes in recognition of your mammoth and magnanimous of our county, your unnumbered personal contributions you have made and continue to make to citizens and non-citizens of hailing from Grand Kru County, and your rise to the Deputy Speakership of the House of Representatives, thus placing you among great and sons and daughters whom have lifted Grand Kru County,” said Timothy, the Secretary General of the Conscious Students of Grand Kru County.

In recognition of the achievements, the students “gowned” the Deputy Speaker and presented an ‘artistic portrait’ of him.

This is the first honor from colleges and universities students of Grand Kru County to Rep; Koffa since 2008 and also first of its kind for any organization or student community to present double honoring items under three years.

The President of the Conscious Students of Grand Kru, J. Ricky Sloh added that the merited flowers also stemmed from the impact of the Deputy Speaker into the live hood of ordinary citizens cut across regional lines.

In response to the recognition by the Conscious Students of Grand Kru, Deputy Speaker Koffa said he was honored by the move of the students to appreciate his numerous contributions to his district (Grand Kru County District #2) , the county and Liberia in many different ways adding, “I am humbled for the honor,” he said.

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