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New gender boss sets agenda

The Minister of Gender, Children and Protection-designate, says she would not run the ministry as a courtroom like her predecessors did.

Appearing before the Senate Committee on Gender and Social Welfare on Wednesday, February 7, Madam Williametta E. Saydee-Tarr, alias Peso, notes that the ministry will forward all legal matters to court through the Ministry of Justice.

“While I am not a lawyer and certainly still learning some of the laws affecting my sector, I will work with my staff to understand the various laws that affect these populations. But I can say confidently that in terms of the programs, services, practices and structures that promote the well-being of these populations, I am very familiar with them. I am also as prepared to familiarize myself with those laws, which I am not as familiar with,” explains during the hearing.

She says her focus is to achieve gender equality and equity, facilitate the enforcement of child protection and welfare, promote integration and protection of vulnerable and socially deprived people in society, including persons with disabilities.
“You have a huge component of executing the pro-poor agenda assigned to you. I am ready and prepared to take on these very critical tasks,” she vows.

She discloses plan if confirmed by the Senate, to tour the counties, noting that the key purpose for the tour is to familiarize herself with the work of the Ministry of Gender, Children and Social Protection in the various counties in order to highlight the successes, tease out the challenges and listen to suggestions from women at the community level on how to improve and strengthen service delivery where necessary.

“Policy Development and Review – The first three months will be spent reviewing key policies as it relates to the Ministry’s mandate, consult with local and international partners on these policies and develop the require work plan as required or review existing activities as it relates to these policies,” the nominee adds.

The young gender boss-designate notes that another focus of her administration is the Domestic Violence Bill which will be reviewed, stressing, “This is necessary because, former President Sirleaf used an executive order to sign this into law. This executive order expires in a year. It is important for us to review the bill and begin dialogue with experts on pertinent issues embedded in the bill and also hold public hearing with members of our both houses”, she concludes.

By E. J. Nathaniel Daygbor-Editing by Jonathan Browne

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