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Only God can rescue Liberia

By: Emmanuel wise Jipoh

President George Weah has again descended on opposition saying only God can rescue Liberia, while describing himself as light.

Addressing a local congregation at the St. John Episcopal Church in Buchanan, Grand Bassa County, Sunday, July 16, Mr. Weah who is vying for a second term in office told worshipers that he is not a rescuer but a light to Liberians, and that his image has served as the brightest to the nation across the globe.

Mr. Weah narrated how he came from grass to grace, not as a rescuer but a redeemer “, Light to shine upon his people, while stressing his government commitments to reducing generational gaps by bringing more developments to Liberia.

He opined that Liberians don’t need to be rescued because they’re already there, and the Light of God is already shining upon them and will continue to shine. “I just want you to know, we are redeeming the time because we know that the days are numerous, he said.” adding that you don’t need to be rescued, because you’re already there” adding that everyone who everyone who comes across his path with problem, are resolved.

Mr. Weah, vowed to reduce generational gaps with unprecedented developments, while emphasizing generational gaps have been an old age problem, which is gradually resolving under his regime, with evidences of roads connectivities in every corridors of the country, constructing the most hospitals in Liberia, than any other government, since 1847, schools, free-tuitions for Liberian Students, and improving the welfare of the people, emphasizing that his Administration has done far better than others.

The President boasted that under his leadership, Liberia is gradually improving and no amount of hates can impede his works and progress of the nation, weather oppositions or none- position as long it is God’s plan, he’s President, he will remain President. He said he is not afraid of criticism, and is making his contribution to his country, which is the best thing to do.

He attributed generational gaps to the days of old, when Liberia was less developed, making specific reference on (Sass Town) Grand Kru County, where he hailed from, there was no light since 1975, it was in 2021, that his government took Solar Light to Sass Town, which speaks progress of his government commitments to developing Liberia, and change the spectrum of the generations.

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Mr. Weah explained how he seized the opportunity to serve Liberia, not as a politician, but an administrator on a political party ticket to serve his country and redeemed them from generational ills.

“As I have always said to you- I’m not a Politician, but an administrator. So, I wouldn’t want to politicize the future of our country with politics, but rather to serve. I see it as an opportunity to serve my country, doing what is best and making significant contributions,” Mr. Weah added, noting that his government is doing its best for the future of the young people and to foster Peace, Unity and Stability, for the betterment of Liberia.

For his part Grand Bassa County, District #4 Representative Vincent Willie, commended the President for his continue efforts in breaching generational gaps, with evidence of his numerous developments across the country as Grand Bassa is no exception and must applaud him as thousands of youths are benefiting from the breach in generation gaps.

Meanwhile, President Weah donated huge medical supplies to the Liberian government hospital annex in Buchanan as part of its reopening. The President expressed satisfaction in the completion of the building while thanking the administration for its maintenance.

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