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Plenty work, less time

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President Ellen Johnson – Sirleaf says her administration doesn’t havemuch time in office, but has plenty work that can be done in thelast year remaining before another government can take over after the2017 presidential and representatives elections.

“This Administration doesn’t have much time, but I tell you [I’m]there until the time [finishes]. So there’s plenty work we can do inthe last year that’s remaining,” she said Friday evening, 11 Novemberwhile dedicating the newly constructed St. Bridge Community Town Hallon Bushrod Island.

President Sirleaf is constitutionally unqualified to seek a third term, buther Vice President Joseph NyumahBoakai is heading the rulingUnity Party ticket for the 2017 presidential race for the ExecutiveMansion against dozens of opposition aspirants.

President Sirleaf said the administration can do more work before theterm expires, expressing gratitude to God for being good to Liberiadespite all the problems that have come against the nation.

She commended residents of St. Paul Bridge Community in MontserradoCounty electoral district sixteen for their prayers and contributionsto the peace in Liberia, saying Liberia has always been able to riseabove its problems due to citizens’ prayers and contribution to peace.

“And so I just want to encourage you and thank all of you for what youhave done to make our nation better; to make our nation safe, to makeour nation moves forward. Please be proud of your country. Please standup for your country, please praise your country,” she pleaded withLiberians.

While recognizing that Liberians were at liberty to exercise theirrights to make criticisms, President Sirleaf however urged citizens todiffer with people and defend Liberia when others try to denigrate the country.

“Be strong, be patriotic, be courageous, love Liberia, thank you,” sheconcluded her appeals to citizens here, having argued that citizens inother nations that are moving forward, were practicing such defensefor their nations.

President Sirleaf asked the locals to work with their leaders, urgingthem to cooperate and respect them as their leaders are supposed torespect them in return. At the dedication exercise, Montserrado County Superintendent MadamFlorence Brandy had blamed delays in completing the project on theEbola crisis in 2014.

She mandated the St. Paul Bridge Community to set up a management teamto manage the town hall, working with a representative from theGeneral Services Agency or GSA. She however warned that failure of thecommunity to properly manage the facility will result to the buildingbeing turned over to GSA for management.

By Winston W. Parley-Editing by Jonathan Browne

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