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Prosecution witnesses provide incoherent testimonies 

-in the murder trial of former Chief Justice Gloria Scott

By Lincoln G. Peters  

Prosecution witnesses in the murder trial of Ex-Chief Justice Cllr. Gloria Musu Scott and others have provided contradicting testimonies here when they took the witness stand on Wednesday, September 13, 2023.

As the witnesses mounted the stand one by one, contradictions from one person to another continued throughout their testimonies over the murder of the late Charloe Musu in February this year.

Witness Moses Wise of Barnesville, a private security officer of the Genesis Security Service, who was assigned at the residence of Cllr. Scott in Brewerville where the murder occurred, testified that after the crime happened, he took surveillance around the house but observed no break-in, so he returned to his sentry (a palaver hut) where he remained until Cllr. Scott called him and handed him keys to the residence through a bathroom window.

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“I heard noise in the house, and as security, I went around the fence but did not see any break-ins. So, I went back to the palaver hut. Later, Cllr. Scott called me and gave me the keys through her bathroom window”, Witness Wise narrates.

His revelation to the court and before juries contradicts prosecution’s first witness, who explained that when the crime occurred, he used cutlass and cut the iron bar at the window as a means of finding a place to enter the house.

But Moses continues that upon entering the house, he saw an unidentified boy toting the female victim on his back, coming out of the house.

And there he assisted Cllr. Scott to enter her car, a statement that completely contradicts the first witness, who had told the court that upon their entry in the house, they met Cllr. Scott was confused and saw the victim lying in a pool of blood, so they assisted by rushing her to the car.

“When we opened the door, I saw Cllr. Scott and the others came out, but one boy was toting Chaloe on his back.”

When the defense counsel asked whether he could identify the person who was allegedly toting the victim, Moses responded that he didn’t know the person, adding that he also did not know the driver who drove the car that took the victim to the hospital, but granted permission to the driver because he wore a mechanic uniform.

“When they came out, I saw a boy in mechanic clothes, who I told to drive my boss to the hospital. I trusted him because he was in mechanic clothes”, the witness adds.

At the same time, Criminal Court “A” Judge, Roosevelt Willie, has ruled a motion in favor of prosecution, dislodging Cllr. Gloria Musu Scott from the defense council bar, therefore, denying the former Chief Justice the privilege to represent herself in the ongoing murder trial.

Judge Willie’s was triggered by prosecution plea before the court to deny Cllr. Scott from representing herself, as a lawyer in the case.

Prosecution argued that Cllr. Scott is being tried for murder, a crime of capital offense and as such, she cannot represent herself in court.

However, Judge Willie provided that a lawyer may represent his or herself in a case irrespective of the trial, but not when there is a legal team representing said lawyer.

“Indeed, one can represent oneself, and it is called ….” you represent yourself but not along with lawyers. Once there is a team of lawyers representing you, you can sit in the dock and make contributions through your lawyers when the need arises.

On this note, Cllr. Gloria Musu Scott is hereby disallowed to sit in the bar.” The Judge rules. But the defense team excepts to the ruling.

 Cllr. Scott and three other defendants are on trial for allegedly murdering the late Charloe Musu on the night of February 22, 2023, at her (Cllr. Scott’s) Brewerville residence in Montserrado County.  

Meanwhile, as per the judge’s order, granting the defense team approval to visit the crime scene today at the home of former chief Justice Gloria M. Musu Scott in Brewersville. 

The delegation was comprised of members of the prosecution team, Sheriff and Clerk of Criminal Court A, police escort and media professionals.

This visit enabled all members of the team along with the sheriff and the court to patrol and parade the entire compound wherein they were able to observe three gates on the 10 feet perimeter fence and observe that trees and neighborhood fences are conjoined.

The prosecution team and defense team observed there were several doors and windows at the residence and took copious notes since the judge of the criminal court proffered serious restrictions on camera photography and videotaping. The trial is expected to resume today Friday, September 15.

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