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Accident strikes ANC supporters?

Two females believed to be supporters of opposition Alternative National Congress (ANC) were reportedly involved in a tragic motor accident at the close of the party’s campaign on Saturday, 7 October in the Fish Market area in Congo Town, suburb of Monrovia.  Eyewitnesses told the NewDawn that the victims were allegedly dressed in ANC party campaign T-shirts while riding on motorbike which later somersaulted several times.

The two females reportedly went unconscious following the incident, while the motorbike operator is said to have also been taken to the John F. Kennedy Medical Center in Sinkor under critical condition.  While security officers at the JFK could not permit our reporter to get access to the medical facility over the weekend, eyewitnesses however attributed the fatal accident to an alleged carelessness on the part of the three victims who are yet to be identified.

Ms. Felecial Horton Duncan and Mr. Winfred Samuel Diggs who claimed to have witnessed the sad event said that the bike rider left the wheel of bike while the two female passengers sat behind him and had their hands up in the air in some campaign zeal.
The operator was said to have left the bike on speed while he had his hands in the air when it lose control and unfortunately somersaulted several times on the main road.

The witnesses claimed that the two females broke their necks while the bike rider broke his left and hand and left foot. According to witnesses, the victims bled profusely on the accident scene.  According to Felecial and Diggs, the motorbike on which the victims were riding had a description that read: “Big Boy One”, and is registered under the Paynesville branch of the Liberia National Motorcycle Union.

They added that the sad situation brought tears to many ANC supporter and passersby who were on the scene.

By Emmanuel Mondaye–Edited by Winston W. Parley

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