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Amb. Endee rallies Liberians to show love for Country

Liberia’s Culture Ambassador Juli Endee is rallying Liberians to always put the country first in whatever initiative they find themselves in, regardless of any circumstances.

According to a statement, Amb. Endee says Liberia as a country, will move forward in its social and economic development drive if all Liberians demonstrate greater
love for country above all things.

She observes that of late, there has been political bickering in the country heightened by the recent impeachment of Associate Justice Kabineh Ja’neh, and the state of Liberia’s fragile economy.

Amid what has been perceived as boiling tension in the country, the Liberia Crusaders for Peace headed by Madam Endee has launched a great initiative aimed at encouraging dialogue over confrontation.

Under the Liberia Patriotic Initiative, otherwise known as the ‘Show Love Campaign’, Liberians from all walks of life are being encouraged to use advocacy, dialogue and frank exchanges in addressing whatever problems confronting them in the society.

Madam Endee’s statement continues that the Liberia Crusaders for Peace will lead outreach efforts through Community Engagements to promote the Rule of Law and peaceful co-existence by all Liberians.

“We are brothers and sisters. Liberia is all we have. Let us be our brothers’ and sisters’ keeper,” Amb. Endee pleads with Liberians.

According to the release, the ‘Show Love Campaign’ targets all Liberians,with the holding of special peace and Community Engagement Carnivals across the entire

The Liberia Crusaders for Peace (LCP) Executive Director is encouraging Liberians to take the message to their respective communities by preaching respect for rule of law and love for country.

The LCP is collaborating with the local media to sustain the campaign in order to ensure that Liberia remains on the path of peace and development.

According to her, if Liberians continue to demonstrate patriotism and show love for country, the collective development of the country will be accelerated to a level that yields greater benefits for all.

The Liberia Crusaders for Peace has always taken the lead in rallying the people to stand up in unity and find an amicable way of dealing with whatever emerging situation confronting the nation.–Press release

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