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Beach and water way employees Storm MFDP

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Once more employees of Beaches and water way of Liberia early Monday storm the Ministry of Finance and Development planning in demand of their salaries own them by the government of Liberia.

According to protesters, the government through the Ministry Youth and Sports owe them 21 months in salary arrears and had agreed to pay them four months ahead of the festive season-something which they say did not materialize. They alleged that only few people benefitted from the promised salary payout.

Speaking to this paper Monday, one of the affected employees, Frances Juwle said some part of last week the Minister of Youth and Sports Zoegar Wilson while paying some employees of the beach and water way told them they were unauthorized to get the money even though they have identification cards to show that they are employees of MYS.

According to her, the Minister said he didn’t know how they got on the job, adding that they have been working with that group since 2017.

She added that the reason they stormed the MFDP in demand of their salaries is because after they contacted Minister Wilson, he redirected them to Minister Tweah, allegeding the he was the one who cut their money.

She said if they don’t get their money, the next step will be going to the president because he was the one that employed Minister Wilson.

Also speaking, another employee Mattie Koffa said they have been talking about their payment since March 2020.She lamented that they are calling on the president to step in their case because school have opened and their children are out of school for nonpayment of fees.

It can be recalled that last week, the government of Liberia through the Ministry of Youth and Sports began the payment of salaries owed to young people working with the Liberia beach and waterway project.
Several employees on the project received one and two months’ salary on Tuesday December 29, 2020 respectively.

Meanwhile people affected by sea erosion from West Point were also seen protesting at MFDP in demand of the money they claimed were promised them by President Weah.Speaking to this paper the head of the group, Daniel S. Grant said on the 19 of June 2020, the sea erosion made 230 homeless.

He explained that the President heard about the incident and sent the folks from the National Disaster Management to do a survey of the and after which he later promised to give the victims mattresses, food and 230 United States Dollars to start off with.

He said everyone received the food and mattresses but when it came to the money, only 51 persons received. He claimed that every time try to engage the National Disaster Management office, they folks there usually refer them to Minister Tweah, because he is yet to disburse the balance money to them.

Grant added that since the incident, they have been seeking shelters and are now worried that they would have nowhere to stay since schools have reopened.

By Bridgett Milton

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