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Boakai is a weaken

-Cyril Allen

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Former Vice President Joseph Nyumah Boakai’s recent letter to President George Manneh Weah, asking him to allow the planned December 30 protest by the Council of Patriots and provide security for protesters appears to be distancing him from the authorities, including the governing Coalition for Democratic Change as the head of the Governing Council Chief Cyril Allen brands Mr. Boakai as a “weaken, inconsistent” character.

Speaking to this paper via mobile in Monrovia, Chief Allen says the former vice president’s assertion that Liberians have the right to demonstrate as provided by the Constitution of Liberia indicates he is an “inconsistent character” something, he notes, led former President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf to not supporting Mr. Boakai’s bid for the presidency in 2017.

Chief Allen, chairman emeritus of the National Patriotic Party that is a member of the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change continues that the communication is intended to buy sympathies from the opposition community, ahead of the 2023 Presidential race, members of the Council of Patriot and, send a ‘fake’ picture to the international community that he (Boakai) believes and supports the Constitution.

According to him, the former vice president is an “unserious” figure who had shown signal of desperation, ahead of 2023, and that due to such weaken spirit, many smart Liberians will not take him serious.

“Because of the insistency of Boakai and fake style of doing things that’s how former President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf did not support him during these elections. His statement is to pretend to the few young people that he supports them and to make the international community believes that he stands for the upholding of the constitution which in reality, he does not,” Chief asserts.

Commenting on the planned protest that has received condemnation from the authorities, he describes leaders of Council of Patriots as a “group of ganisters” whose only style is to threaten the Liberian people and peace that the international community had spent millions for.

However, he notes that from the unset of the Council of Patriot, there were serious minded Liberians, including the political leader of the opposition Alternative National Congress, Alexander Cumming and Margibi County Senator Oscar Cooper but due to the reported ‘ganisterism’ these individuals have parted with the CoP.
Chief Allen argues the COP has no good intention for the country, saying, they only believe in creating fear in the minds of the citizenry.

He warns the government of President George Manneh Weah will not encourage nor entertain anyone who wants to undermine the peace and tranquility of the state, and laments that having few young people using the airwaves to insult the presidency and senior government officials is “unacceptable and unrealistic.”

“We’ve been there before; I was the national secretary general of the Movement for Social Justice in Africa; we the key actors, we know about demonstrations, the aftermath, the effect and least we talk about the 14 years of wars. Nobody will come here and threaten the peace. Why a young man every morning ran insults on the President,”? He questions in apparent reference to talk show host Henry Costa, chairman of the CoP.Chief Allen says it is unacceptable and rudely to have people insult the President and an elder like Mr. Boakai publicly supports such group. By E. J. Nathaniel Daygbor–Editing by Jonathan Browne

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