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Bowier condemns lawmakers

Former information minister, and Board member of the Liberia Petroleum Refining Company, the Rev. Emmanuel Bowier, has condemned members of the 53rd Liberian Legislature for not exercising their oversight responsibility in the Ebola crisis that engulfed Liberia.

Speaking over the weekend at the official launch of cross border training by the Crusaders for Peace in Monrovia, Rev. Bowier recommended for the separation of the Bureau of Culture and Tourism from the Ministry of Information in order to give the bureau a facelift.

The former Information Minister said there is no law on the book, indicating that these two governmental institutions should be together, stressing that it is illegal to join two public institutions whose mandates are different.

He said the mandate of the Ministry of Information is to inform citizens about major happenings in government, and the entire country, while the culture and tourism center should serve as an institution that creates the platform young people showcase their talents.

Rev. Bowier said the Liberian Legislature, especially the Senate should exercise its oversight duty well in such matter instead of focusing on budget which has no benefit on the lives of Liberians. According to him, cultural activities play a vital role in every country, adding that it gives young people an opportunity to display their talents in society.

The outspoken ex-minister expressed frustration in the Senate for only passing bills that are in their interest rather than the people, who elected them into office.

Rev. Bowier said Liberia has a Ministry of Information, but lacks cultural centers, adding that the idea of having cultural center in every county is to allow the Liberia Crusaders for Peace to carry out its cultural activities and identify young talents.

Meanwhile, Senator George T. Tengbeh of Lofa County has agreed with former minister Bowier on the need to detach the Bureau of Culture and Tourism from the Information Ministry.

Senator Tengbeh said Liberia has lost her courage due to the civil war, which took away many innocent lives, and left behind huge burden. The lawmaker stressed the need to change the direction in which the country is heading to save the lives of the people.

we have tried in making several laws but lack the implementation aspect  which makes our job at the senate more difficult”, he narrated.

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