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Bring back our money


Since the report of missing containers and begs of moneys both from the Freeport of Monrovia and the Roberts International Airport respectively, Liberians have taken to their social media pages here, questioning the whereabouts of the newly printed cash that government says total 16 Billion Liberian Dollars.

Liberian rights activist Dr. Kimmie Weeks, is calling on members of the 54th Liberian Legislature, who took their annual vacation last week, to return immediately to the Capitol to start speedy investigation of the syndicate and ensure those involved are brought to account.

“Call back the House and Senate. 9 billion LRD (60 million US) vanishing from the port is a national emergency. All Liberians must take this seriously. There is no single greater national issue. This is time to show real leadership. “Bring Back Our Money.” Reads a social media post.

Dr. Weeks says there is no other greater national issue than the huge amount of moneys that reportedly went missing, while the country and its people are faced with economic hardship on a daily basis. Another person that took to social media is Edwin Clark, who posted that until Liberians stop too much talking, more containers will continue to disappear from the Freeport, stressing a need for serious action.

Mr. Clark cautions fellow Liberians and government officials that their quest to for the return of the missing moneys will not just be another two weeks noise, but make sure all those involved would not go with impunity.

“Until we stop this too much talking, more containers will continue to disappear. There is a need for serious action in this country. Hope this one shouldn’t be another two weeks noise and those criminals go sky free. The next missing container will include Liberia and we all will vanish”, he posts.

By Ben Wesee-Editing by Jonathan Browne


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