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C.H. Rennie Hospital’s refrigerator sold?

Hospital Administrator Mulbah T. Saywala along with a truck that took the refrigerator away with a R.J.Security personnel onboard

By Ramsey N. Singbeh, Jr in Margibi
A New Dawn’s investigation uncovers that despite numerous constraints faced by the C. H. Rennie Hospital in Kakata, Margibi County, a key facility of the hospital has been sold. But Hospital Administration Mulbah T. Saywala denies.

The Charles Henry Rennie Hospital is the only government referral hospital in Margibi, but is currently hit by excute shortage of drugs, fuel and other essentials for its smooth operation.

In the midst of these challenges, a 40 feet blue and white colours refregirating container given to the hospital by the World Health Organization or W.H.O. few years ago has already been sold for thousands of United States Dollars, investigation reveals.

According our findings, tt was sold for about US$8,000 after innitial negotiation for requesting US$12,000 did not materialize.

The container was taken away from the hospital on March 8, 2019 after the Administrator of the C. H. Rennie Hospital Mulbal T. Saywala, mandated the R.J.Security assigned at the hospital to allow a man identified as Mr. Naimah to take the container in question to one Dr. Komah.

According to the official security pass of C.H.Rennie signed and stamped by Administartor Mulbal T. Saywala, a copy of which is in possesion of this paper, Mr. Saywala wrote: “To the R.J.Security from administrator, kindly allow Mr. Naimah to carry this container to Dr. Komah.”

A murron colour eight tires truck with liscene plate number C41216 and an inscription “PEGASO RENNWEEK OL INC” written on the front was used to take away the container from the hosptal on Friday, March 8, 2019.

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When this paper made a follow up at the C.H.Rennie Hospital on Tuesday March 12, 2019 during morning hours, Adminstrator Saywala, who ordered the security to allow the container out of the hospital compund, spoke off record, admitting that a container was taken away from the hospital, but not sold.

Mr. Saywala also claims not to have been present at the hospital on the day the container was taken out, but admitted to have instructed the R.J.Security to permit Mr. Naimah carry the container to Dr. Komah.

He adds that it was just on the day of inquiry made by this paper that he got to know that a different container (the refregirating container) was carried away from the hospital instead of an ordinary container, as was allegedly agreed upon in a meeting.

According to him, the decision that took the container away was reached in an excutive meeting held with officials of the Margibi County Health Team and hospital authorities, detailing that some of those, who attended the meeting along with himself Dr. Magnus Hasinya and Dr. Myers Pagibo, respectively.

The Margibi County Health Team works along with the Adminstration of the C.H. Rennie Hospital in running the day to day health activies of the county.

According to Mr. Saywala, Dr. Komah asked Dr. Pagibo and Dr. Hasinya for one of the several containers in the hospital compound to sell cement and other materials, and they forwarded the message to him, which was placed on the meeting agenda.

The administrator claims he does not know Dr Komah but when he took over at the hospital, he was informed that Dr Komah once worked with the Margibi County Health Team.

He provides no legal reason why such an important property of the hospital should be given to an individual for personal use without any benefit coming back to the hospital.

However, Saywala promises to investigate and if the container taken away is the refrigating container donated by W.H.O. he will make sure it is returned immediately. Editing by Jonathan Browne

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