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Caldwell residents embark on drainage projects

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Residents of Sasstown Drive Community at Upper Caldwell, Montserrado County have embarked on a $50,000.00 USD drainage project within their community.According to a release issued Wednesday, 9 January, the community has been a victim of flood especially during the raining season, leaving several residents homeless.

In the wake of the continuous flood situation in Caldwell, the release says the leadership of the community headed by Chairman Gus Dackie has resolved to construct two drainages.They are targeting the places where flood has been creating unbearable situation for the dwellers of that community, the release indicates.

According to the leadership, the proposed project is expected to bring relief to the affected residents of that community.Chairman Dackie notes in the release that the community is constrained to take up this project to help the people of Sasstown Drive Community.

He says his people suffered a lot for the past rainy seasons and want to help and bring relief to his people.Chairman Dackie is at the same time calling on the American Embassy, the Chinese Embassy, organizations and philanthropists to help buttress the effort of Sasstown Drive Community and safe its residents from floods.–Press release

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